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Employee Assessments

An Assessment is a Talent Management Solution used to Attract, Select, and Develop Top Performers for your company.

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Business Communication Style Assessment

Find out if you are a Transcender, Socializer, Strategist or a Systematician to master customer communication and nurture better relationships.

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Information Technology

Power to Learn employees have over 20 years of experience in IT Consulting and Service. We are more than just a provider of upskilling and course certifications, we are consultants that will provide honest advice and vendor-independent recommendations.

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Role Simulations

Role Simulation Tests give you an opportunity to try out a candidate before they are hired, or before an existing employee is transferred or promoted to a new position.

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Leadership Development and Communication

Screening Tools and Simulations

Screening Tools enable your HR department to be more efficient when it comes time to recruit the right candidates. These tools are available in 40 languages.

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Stephanie van Dam
Stephanie van Dam
One conversation with Mike will show you how passionate he is about getting success for you and your team. Highly recommend Mike to support your team increasing their skills and productivity!
Phil Mostert
Phil Mostert
P2L has extensive experience in building relevant programs that have an impact vs the traditional platforms that people forget in a week. P2L can make the "light bulbs" go on and stay on.
P2L has helped give guidance and direction to both of my daughters in potential post secondary education and career choices, in fields they will enjoy.Working with Michael was easy. He took the time time to review what they would be successful at as well as careers that would not fit their personalities and why! All questions were answered and everything was thoroughly explained.I am looking forward to introducing this system to my team to make sure everyone is in the position best suited for them.
Leslie Babel
Leslie Babel
Michael is the ultimate professional. He uses training in the context of company performance that ties it to revenue and opportunity, so training is not just checking a box to meet a requirement, it becomes a strategic tool in achieving quarterly and annual business goals that are directly tied to revenue and profit.
Nick Brown
Nick Brown
Team BFS recently participated in a Digital Marketing Training Course facilitated by P2L. Our past experience in this space was weak. P2L educated us with the knowledge and power of digital marketing, helping us understand the best platforms for our business. Within a few weeks we had the training to better market our business in the 21st Century! I recommend P2L to any organization that wants to strengthen their greatest asset--their employees.
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown
P2L services are a game-changer for modern and growth minded businesses. Getting back to making investments in our employees rather than viewing them as expenses makes direct impact on productivity and profitability. Any owners and management would be well served to investigate P2L's offerings.
Tim Miron
Tim Miron
P2L has made it easy for us to help our team continue to learn and improve as well as give us insight into what type of training might be best for specific staff to make their training that much more impactful. I look forward to continuing to work with them as a constant part of our team's development.

Call us on 1 813 323 0002 or view our services online

P2L Inc. is an employee development company committed to business performance improvement and employee engagement.

We do this in 10 ways:

1. Employee Assessments, 360 Surveys and Employee Engagement Surveys 

2 Planning and Learning Strategy Development

3. Providing in-demand Virtual Courses

4. Engaging eLearning Courses and Workshops

5. Custom Learning Management System Development and Lifecycle Management

6. Custom eLearning Courses 

7. Custom 3D games

8. Original P2L 3D games

9. Augmented Reality 

10. Virtual Reality

If you require solutions you do not see on our website, contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.