How to Avoid Social Fading

We all know the saying “Presence is Power”, so naturally that begs the questions what does lack of presence feel like?

Not very powerful, I suppose.

The longer our society spends in social distancing, the more intense that feeling is likely to become, right?

I recently spoke with an artist who described the feeling of social distancing as – “Being painted in all white on a blank canvas. You are still there, but you have completely faded into the background.”

I thought about it over the weekend and came up with a solution-

Take 15 minutes each morning to call 3 people you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Old friends, relatives, long-lost colleagues. Don’t think about who you are going to contact, until you do it. Make it spontaneous. Tell them you only have 5 minutes, you have another call to make, you just want to get in touch to make sure they are alright.

Contact with people whom you know will set the tone for making more calls and setting up more web meetings. You may find that with the time saved by not travelling from place to place to meet in person, you will have a better sense of connection by the end of the week.


Michael Parker

CEO of P2L

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