Author Active Reports by IBM Cognos

Publish Offline with IBM Cognos Analytics- Author Active Reports

It’s indeed hard to reach the Internet when you’re away from your office or lack access to your company’s servers. But you need to verify some numbers for a meeting you have coming up soon.  The Cognos Author Active Reports service gives you access to Cognos reports while offline while enjoying the usual interactive features.

What is Cognos Author Active Reports?
Active Reports offer the ability for highly formatted interactive, intuitive stand-alone reports to be built in Report Studio.  It provides a whole new set of controls for seasoned professionals to utilize when designing interactive offline dashboards/reports for businesses. The Report Studio Active Report template can be accessed on computers including iPads.

Active Reports features of Cognos Author
It allows you to create simple to complex dashboards. Having the software in.MHT format allows users to take them offline to analyze and make decisions. You can also schedule and expose them to users in small batches for high efficiency.  Even existing reports can be converted to Active Reports, but they can’t be converted back once they are converted.

Benefits of Cognos Author Active Reports
I believe that any company that makes use of business intelligence software will think these three things must-have features.

This P2L offered course teaches you everything you need should you be interested in learning more about IBM Cognos Analytics and authoring active reports. 

IBM Cognos Analytics- Author Active Reports Course
This course explains Active Report content and functionality within IBM Cognos Analytics Reporting to participants who have a basic knowledge of IBM Cognos Reporting. Building interactive reports on IBM Cognos through lectures, demonstrations, and exercises increase participants’ Cognos Analytics experience and increases their confidence in using the Active Reports controls in the industry 

Skills Gained
Some of the crucial topics covered to enhance your skills in this course include:

– Introduction to IBM Cognos Analytics
– Using Active Report Connections
-Active Report Chart and Decks 

Active Reports are one of the most beneficial systems for Reporting authors wanting to develop interactive report content or content disconnected from IBM Cognos servers. The Cognos Active Reports Course offered by P2L is a great way to become proficient in it.

However, if you are not familiar with IBM Cognos Analytics head over to this IBM Cognos Analytics blog to learn more about how it can help you and your business succeed!

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