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The dream Author course- IBM Author Reports Fundamentals

The primary purpose of reports is to communicate information that has been compiled as a result of investigations and analysis of facts and issues. Reports cover a wide range of topics, but usually focus on a specific objective, to a specific audience.

What is considered a good report?
It is important for a report to be accurate, objective, and complete. Furthermore, it should be well written, clearly structured, and expressed so that the reader will become engaged and get what he or she needs. Research is shown to be truly valuable when a report is written since the report could be the only tangible product of hundreds of grueling hours of work. In any case, the clarity, organization, and content of a report determine its quality.

What are Business/Professional Reports?

A well-organized formal report with clear arguments is far more valuable than offering unorganized raw data to decision-makers on a massive scale just to provide them with access to a lot of information. A well-structured report allows readers to find their information and skip the rest with little trouble.

It is crucial therefore to learn how to write reports so you will be better equipped to succeed in a corporate environment. Therefore, P2L offers an excellent writing course that will cover all the aspects of Author Reports.

IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Reports Fundamentals

This course will introduce Business Authors to the report writing techniques that use relational data models. Activities will showcase and reinforce key concepts during this learning opportunity as methods of enhancing, customizing, and managing professional reports are explored.

Skills Gained
The main topics this course will cover are listed below:

What is IBM Cognos Analytics – Reporting

  • Examine dimensionally modeled and dimensional data sources
  • Explore personal data sources and data modules
  • Analyze List reports
  • Aggregate measure/fact data
  • Use shared dimensions to create multi-fact queries
  • Add repeated information to reports
  • Create crosstab reports
  • Form complex crosstab reports
  • Format, sort, and aggregate data in a crosstab report
  • Create discontinuous crosstab reports
  • Build visualization reports
  • Add business logic to reports using IBM Cognos Analytics – Reporting
  • Focus reports using filters
  • Examine reports using prompts
  • Augment reports using calculations
  • Extend report functionality in IBM Cognos Analytics – Reporting
  • Customize reports with conditional formatting
  • Conditionally format one crosstab measure based on another
  • Drill-through definitions
  • Enhance the report layout
  • Use additional report building techniques


If you’ve taken IBM Cognos Analytics for Consumers (v11.0) WBT course or have experience as a Reports Author, then this IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Reports Fundamentals is made just for you.
Here is your chance to raise your writing skills in three days only!

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