Unconscious Biases: They’re Affecting Your Company & Here’s How You Can Help

a woman holding a laptop expresses an unconscious bias
“This candidate is young. They must be lazy!”

Unconscious Biases: They’re Affecting Your Company & Here’s How You Can Help

Unconscious biases. You’ve been hearing about it at Zoom conferences, work, and maybe even at home. But, what does it even mean? Unconscious bias refers to beliefs or prejudices that we may hold in favor of or against certain individuals or groups outside of our awareness. These ideas have been shaped by our unique upbringings, the stories we’ve been told, and the information we’ve been taught. We may not necessarily agree with these hidden beliefs, but we shouldn’t deny they exist.

Our conscious beliefs are the ones that we have power over; these are the beliefs we might declare in a political discussion because we are confident and proud of them. Unconscious beliefs are the ones we don’t even know we have. It is important to acknowledge that everyone holds these biases, and it is even more important to begin the process of unlearning them.

Why Should You Care?

History is changing; the times are changing. We can no longer stay stagnant and neglect the fact that some of the beliefs we have learned about other groups are simply not true. These beliefs are not just about race and ethnicity, and include other characteristics like age, gender, sexuality—you name it.

If you have been keeping up with the other posts under Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, you very well know the importance of inclusivity in today’s workplace. Not only does it boost employee morale, but it also maximizes efficiency and productivity. Who doesn’t want the most for their penny?

But also, it is simply not a choice for the modern firm. Those who choose to disengage and dismiss embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion, miss out on significant business opportunities. Consumers will no longer entertain companies that go against their beliefs of an ethical corporation. It is a part of your social responsibility to ensure that you are training and developing employees who understand the value of diversity, how it contributes to their wellbeing, and the benefit of seeing multiple perspectives.

What is Unlearning?

Here’s the next step: unlearning. It is the process of recognizing that some beliefs we hold are incorrect and need to be discarded. It is the process of re-learning history in a new light and erasing the misconceptions that we’ve adopted. Our knowledge is only as accurate as we allow ourselves to make it. Don’t be afraid of updating your system; we all need a refresher sometimes.

How Can You Begin?

P2L’s Unconscious Biases course is your friend. This course will inform you about these hidden prejudices, the dangers of not addressing them, and how you can unlearn these mental obstacles that are holding you back. Additionally, it is a great resource for employees as it teaches them to use their unique backgrounds as tools for success in the workplace. Join us by clicking here to enroll! We look forward to your attendance.

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