Kubernetes Applications Essential

The container course you need: Kubernetes Applications Essential

What are Kubernetes Applications Essentials?

In the following course, you will learn how to implement the Kubernetes container orchestration platform for building and managing containerized applications as well as managing a container-centric infrastructure.

What will I learn in this course?

This course focuses on the Kubernetes foundational components needed for application workloads as they apply real-world approaches for design and deployment considerations.

Kubernetes architecture and its components will be examined, as will the way Kubernetes models the execution of applications, and how it utilizes compute, networking, and storage resources.

Are there any prerequisites?
The following groups of students will benefit from this course:

IT professionals and general technical audiences. Along with roles that include Architect applications for Kubernetes.

What are the main skills I will develop?

The key skills taught in this course are as follows:

Making use of effective pod architecture
Deploying workloads as Kubernetes controllers
Provision configuration at runtime to Kubernetes workloads
Network pods together across a cluster using native services
Provision of available storage for Kubernetes workloads
Packaging applications as Helm charts


This will be the go-to course you need if you are looking to learn more about containers because it will help you develop your skills in that area and open up your future job prospects.
To learn more about what Kubernetes courses lead you towards, head over to this short and informative blog on the CKA Exam and how it benefits you in different fields!

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