Accountability in the workplace

How Can Accountability Help You & Your Organization Flourish?

All employees should be held accountable for their actions, behaviors, performance, and decisions in the workplace. Accountability can also be linked to greater commitment to work and employee morale, which leads to better performance. However, if it is lacking in many workplaces.

An accountability culture in the workplace

Accountability is about ownership and taking responsibility for your work and results. One should follow through and get it done when one makes a commitment. It’s about your commitment to the team and realizing your impact on them. 

Integrity develops when a team consistently demonstrates ownership and accountability. You learn to trust that someone will do the right thing and do what they say they’ll do. Trust is the cornerstone of high-performing teams.

How does an organization function without it?

Failure to hold people accountable leads to a breakdown in the team. One shortfall can grow to be a catastrophe for the entire organization. Failure to hold people accountable for their actions results in the team being delayed. 

Having a staff member who doesn’t meet their commitments and isn’t held accountable leads to a feeling of disillusionment and an overall lack of engagement and motivation for the other team members.

Your culture and team core values must embrace accountability.

Our inability to hold others responsible is ultimately due to our discomfort doing so and the fact that we forget to do it.

But, P2L has got you covered with an insightful half-day course that teaches you how to resolve these issues.

What does the course consist of?

The course teaches team members the skills and explains the focus required in creating a culture of accountability. To be accountable, individuals must align themselves with the values, competencies, and strategies of the organization.

Skills learned:

  • Explain responsibility and empowerment.
  • Rate yourself and your team on the PowerMeter
  • Discuss the Account-Able Choice
  • Identify obstacles to being accountable
  • Speak the language of empowerment and accountability
  • Apply a five-step model to create accountability in others

As a whole, cultivating a culture of accountability in your team will not only help motivate employees and increase productivity but will also give them the autonomy and sense of ownership they need. Take this course if you feel your team’s accountability needs some improvement. It will help your company make some positive changes to the workplace culture!


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