Leaders of the Future Workplace: Reinventing Workforce Strategies

The workplace of the future is being shaped today by a collection of breakthrough social media technologies and by the Millennial population. As stated aptly by Meister and Willyerd, the convergence of emerging workplace trends has created a generation of hyperconnected workers who are placing increased pressure on employers to overhaul their approach to talent management. Companies can transform their organizations, achieve amazing business results, like increased innovation and higher customer connectedness, as well as compete more effectively in the global marketplace using practical insights and techniques for attracting and keeping the millennial workforce.

“It is critical for business leaders to understand the large-scale shifts that are changing how people work and how business gets done,” says Brian Kropp, chief of research for the Gartner HR practice. “Then, they must apply this knowledge to their specific organization so they can alter their strategy accordingly.”

Workplace after COVID-19

The eventual recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic requires a revision of workforce strategies in light of the urgent workforce challenges and uncertainty faced by business leaders. This time is an opportunity for organizations to assess and evaluate previous workforce strategies and reposition themselves to thrive in the new reality. This report by Deloitte provides an in-depth discussion about rethinking workforce strategies while transforming into the new normal.

Forecasting how the workplace will be reconfigured due to COVID-19 is definitely challenging. Gartner has offered insights into the large-scale shifts in the workplace due to COVID-19 summarized by EHS Today in this article.

The Leader in 2025: Full Day Course

P2L offers a one-day course/workshop for current and future business leaders which is intended to help them restrategize their human resource policies and goals.

‘The Leader in 2025 course is based on the best-selling book ‘The 2020 Workplace’ which is the brainchild of well-respected human resources and corporate training experts, Jeanne C. Meister and Karie Willyerd. The book serves as a guide to the innovative strategies that the best companies are using to create a workplace that the best talent chooses. The experts also offer a battle plan to start winning tomorrow’s employees today.

Why you should consider taking this course

As the role of leadership in a corporate world becomes indispensable, the hunt for acquiring the most valuable resources out there is becoming competitive and challenging!

This course will equip you with the required tools to attract the best people and help them do their best work. The battle for good talent is more intense than ever. 

Organizations and leaders looking to acquire the best people will benefit from impressive research findings, and thought-provoking ideas that will become the basis for preparing to live in a global, changing, technological, and connected future.

The Leader in 2025 reviews several mega-trends impacting the future workforce including:

  1. Multiple generations of employees
  2. Wearables in the workplace
  3. Social Media as a Leadership Tool
  4. Globalization and the need for a global perspective
  5. The rise of virtual and transparent work
  6. Social Learning and Gamification
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility

This workshop examines three crucial skills for future leaders:

  • Social Media as a Leadership Tool (2 hours)
  • Transparent Leadership (2 hours)
  • Leading through Technological Disruption (2 hours)

This course allows you to explore future trends that will impact the workplace and nature of leadership as well as build an action plan to drive the required changes to embrace these new developments.

Click here to get more details about the course and connect with P2L. 

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