Be a great leader with Leading people+

Up Your Leadership Game With Leading People+

Who is a leader?

A leader is someone who has the potential to influence people and make them believe in him/her. A leader is someone who has dedicated followers and people who look up to him/her.

Who is an effective leader?

An effective leader is someone who understands his/her power and exercises a certain level of moral responsibility. He/she understands what’s good for his/her followers and tries to guide them in the right direction rather than misleading them.

What is the importance of having leaders?

  • Kickstart a plan-A good leader is a person who chalks out the entire plan, decides the role of each team member, and designs strategies for execution.
  • Provide Motivation-An efficient leader encourages his team members to polish their skills and work to their fullest potential. He/she pushes them to aim for the skies and a=eventually achieve success.
  • Provide Guidance-A strong leader acts as a supervisor and a helping hand to his/her employees. A leader helps his/her teammates understand the goals and vision better for them to know how to perform their respective tasks.
  • Create confidence-A leader helps his teammates feel confident about their responsibilities by drawing out clear guidelines for them to function. This helps them perform better and feel driven to pull off their assigned duties.
  • Boost morale-A leader works toward getting his/her employees into confidence and winning their trust. A leader can be a morale booster by recognizing and appreciating his/her employees’ efforts and giving them credit for their performance.
  • Building a healthy work environment: A healthy work environment makes employees comfortable and respected at their workplace. A leader must build a personal connection with his/her teammates to comfort them and make himself/herself approachable. He/she should listen to their problems and help resolve them.

What are the qualities of an effective leader?

Leaders must be equipped with specific skills to forge engagement while unleashing innovation.

For more than 20 years research has shown that leaders:

  • Have distinct workplace needs and leadership challenges
  • Must lead through influence and inspiration rather than authority
  • Have blind spots when it comes to seeing what their teams need and where their leadership falls short
  • Have specific learning preferences (i.e., multiple, shorter sessions, and access to on-demand resources)

What is Leading People+?

Leading People+ is based on proven success with hundreds of leading companies, training thousands of people. It is exclusively designed to equip managers with skills and strategies for engaging and unleashing today’s workers’ knowledge, expertise, independence, and confidence.

Content Modules:

  • Setting Goals
  • Delegating Responsibility
  • Giving Feedback
  • Inspiring Innovation
  • Managing Change
  • Influencing Others
  • Handling Resistance
  • Leading Teams
  • Leading Virtually


  • Accelerated time-to-market for new product concepts
  • Reduced friction and increased productivity
  • More rapid adoption and implementation of new technology, techniques, and processes
  • Retention of high-value talent
  • Smoother, faster transitions for people promoted to leadership roles
  • Leaders who can handle increased span of control
  • A culture where employees thrive and a reputation that attracts the best in the business

Key features:

  • Research-based content and real-world practice scenarios for maximum relevance and impact
  • Modular program design for easy customization and flexible implementation
  • Continuous learning approach with multiple touches points to increase engagement and knowledge retention
  • The assessment process for quantifiable improvements


Every team needs a leader. To devise strategies, set goals, plan execution, and much more. If you have the potential to become a good leader and make your team climb up the success ladder, then Leading People+ is the perfect course for you.

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