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Improve Your Leadership Style With Leading Technical People+

Who Are Technical People?

Employees such as engineers, financial experts, lawyers, and creative experts in media and advertising are technical people who are critical to every organization. It is safe to say that they are the backbone of every company.

What Are The Best Practices To Lead Technical People?

  • Technical people learn better with practical experience. So, leaders must explore a variety of methods, such as role-plays, simulations, coaching, face-to-face instructor-led courses, and e-learning
  • Involving higher management employees and learning from their experience can be very useful and enriching. Leaders must engage industry experts, business leaders, C-suite executives, technical experts, and leaders of technical professionals in the training of techies of their organization
  • Leaders must ensure that the training given to their technical employees is relevant and applicable to their job as this will help them learn and understand better
  • Leaders should encourage knowledge transfer between new and experienced employees as this will help the trainees get a deeper understanding of all organizational processes and goals
  • Leaders leading technical people should incorporate specific real-world scenarios or case studies to give their employees a peek into real-life scenarios. This will better prepare them for any upcoming situation
  • Leaders must evaluate the development needs and challenges of technical employees by performing assessments
  • Leaders must be on top of things by constantly seeking feedback from team leads and employees to ensure smooth functioning throughout the organization
  • Leaders must develop a network of experienced leaders and conduct networking events for their employees so that they can interact with and learn from both technical and non-technical leaders

What Is Leading Technical People+?

BlessingWhite’s Leading Technical People+ is a highly customizable program with off-the-shelf pricing, providing organizations with more options to address specific learning outcomes, challenges, and budgets.

Building on the foundations of earlier versions of Leading Technical Professionals, this new program takes a flexible and modular approach to learn to maximize skill-building and provide access to information. Leaders of technical people have different needs, and the core of their leadership challenges lies in having essential communication skills and then practicing those skills with specific strategies that can be applied to real-world issues they are facing on the job.

Content Modules:

The program begins with the Foundations of Leadership. Here participants will learn about the specific needs of technical people, experience the model of engagement, and focus on essential skills like building trust, active listening, and asking questions.  They will then learn the communication strategy that can be applied to many other modules, covering topics including:

  • Setting Goals: Increase contribution by setting and supporting SMART goals
  • Delegating Responsibility: Increase contribution and satisfaction without micromanaging
  • Giving Feedback: Leverage high-performance and correct performance issues with clear, meaningful feedback
  • Inspiring Innovation: Unleash creativity and organizational potential through everyday innovation
  • Managing Change: Maintain engagement during times of change
  • Influencing Others: Create buy-in and advance ideas by building strong relationships and influencing strategically
  • Handling Resistance: Push initiatives forward and maintain relationships by handling resistance effectively
  • Leading Teams: Set up employees for success by leveraging the fundamentals of high-performing teams
  • Leading Virtually: Communicate effectively across a range of communication media to a diverse, global audience


  • Accelerated time-to-market for new product concepts
  • Reduced friction and increased productivity
  • More rapid adoption and implementation of new technology, techniques, and processes
  • Retention of high-value technical talent
  • Smoother, faster transitions for people promoted to leadership roles
  • Leaders who can handle increased span of control
  • A culture where technical experts thrive and a reputation that attracts the best in the business

Key Features:

  • Research-based content and real-world practice scenarios for maximum relevance and impact
  • Modular program design for easy customization and flexible implementation
  • Continuous learning approach with multiple touchpoints to increase engagement and knowledge retention
  • The assessment process for quantifiable improvements


Most companies often overlook challenges faced by their technical employees. While they master their technical capabilities and talent, some often struggle with people skills. It is crucial for every firm to invest in their technical employees by giving them in good hands. If you’re a team lead who is facing trouble in trying to lead technical employees, Leading Technical People+ is the perfect course for you.

To enroll in the course, contact P2L today!

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