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Mentoring–The Ultimate Course For A Mentor and Mentee

Who is a mentor?

A mentor is a guide, coach, or guru who helps a lesser experienced individual grow personally and professionally. He/she is someone who acts as a teacher or role model supporting and advising his/her mentee to perform better and become successful.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a relationship between a mentor and mentee where the mentor trains or guides the mentee to help him/her carry his/her responsibilities. There is knowledge transfer between the two but mostly from the mentor’s end. A mentor shares his experiences and expertise to help coach the mentee better.

What are the qualities of a good mentor?

  • A good mentor is someone who has the willingness and motivation to help others. He/she has a genuine desire to help budding professionals grow and succeed.
  • Good mentors are motivated by their passion to help someone become a better version of themselves over just monetary rewards.
  • He/she has the bandwidth to take up the responsibility of mentorship. They have the ability and availability to commit real time and energy to their mentee.
  • He/she is someone who has in-depth knowledge about current and relevant industry trends, expertise about organizational knowledge, and experience in human development.
  • He/she can identify all the key areas where his mentee needs assistance or wishes to develop.
  • A good mentor shares both his success and failure stories with his mentees. This helps the mentees learn from all the mentor’s experiences both good and bad. Also, these tales provide valuable learning opportunities.
  • He/she is someone who himself/herself has a hunger to learn. Their growth mindset and learning attitude are what make them a pro at their job. Strong mentors are open to the idea of constantly learning and deepening their knowledge.
  • An effective mentor is not only a great orator but also an active listener. He/she likes to engage in dialogue with his/her mentees to understand them, their strengths, and their weaknesses better.
  • He/she is great at providing feedback and honest insights. He/she makes sure to help his/her mentee work on themselves and learn from their past mistakes.

What is the Mentoring course all about?

Mentoring is one way to transfer expertise and knowledge to new workers. Mentoring has been proven to reduce turnover and increase employee satisfaction. This course provides an opportunity for a mentor and his/her protégé to work together, learn about each other, and determine the most successful working relationship. Techniques are provided for mentors and protégés to learn about one another, identify interaction guidelines, and set mentoring goals. Participants will discuss and practice the components of being an effective mentor and protégé, and develop a plan to ensure the effectiveness of the relationship.

Course duration:

It is a one-day course designed for a mentor and his/her protégé to attend together.

Course outcomes:

  • Define your role and responsibilities as a mentor or protégé in the mentoring process
  • Understand the phases of mentoring and the activities in each phase
  • Understand your mentor’s or protégé’s interaction style
  • Set and manage expectations for the mentoring relationship
  • Listen with openness and understanding
  • Provide supportive feedback
  • Coach mistakes without commanding or criticizing


A good mentor has the power to make or break a young professional’s career. Most consider themselves lucky if they have a good mentor guiding them throughout. If you’re a mentor who wants to build a strong relationship with your mentee to help shape their career well and guide them in the right direction, then enroll in this Mentoring course that you can attend with your mentee. Both of you can learn how to connect better and help each other grow with the help of this thorough course designed especially for a mentor and his/her protégé.

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