Accelerated Future Ready Leadership

Accelerated Future Ready Leadership For The Win!

There’s no doubt that we are all in agreement that this decade hasn’t been smooth. Many businesses have been put in a commercial crisis as a result of Covid’s restrictions. These restrictions will harm their ability to deliver services to their customers and generate revenue to pay their employees and satisfy their investors. The resilience of many businesses, despite economic hardship, has been demonstrated by their innovativeness and willingness to adjust quickly, safeguarding their businesses and employment.

The companies that have had success with this strategy have had leaders who asked their employees, “How can we help?” to engage them. It has gathered information, weighed radical ideas, and acted decisively in response to it. As a result, they learned how to adapt quickly.

Accelerated Future Ready Leadership

Our blog will highlight the “Accelerated Future Ready Leadership” course offered by P2L in partnership with Mohawk College. A culture of learning, rooted in genuine curiosity, for advanced business leaders will be essential over the next decade, and this will be accomplished if leaders nurture a culture of learning based on fundamental skills and knowledge. In addition, we will give you some suggestions on how to leverage them.

What is the Accelerated Future Ready Leadership course?

During the Acceleration course, Senior-Level leaders will learn the interpersonal skills and behaviors necessary to become more effective and efficient leaders for their organizations.

The Acceleration program offers a series of advanced leadership sessions that will strengthen participants based on 360-degree feedback and the results of a coaching session. Each participant is allowed to shape his or her competence in any way he or she wishes.

Training tailored to the needs of senior leaders

During the assessment process, competency strengths and necessary improvements will be revealed. Our executive coaches work with participants to set goals for both professional and personal growth. In conjunction with the MCE Instructional Designer, a four-day training program will be designed based on the individual reports to ensure collective, individualized learning.

Here’s your chance to take advantage of this amazing course and be FUTURE READY!


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