Mastering Effective Communications a drawing depicts the elements of effective communication with words like Fact, Productivity, Teamwork, Plan and People.

Achieve All-Year Leadership Success: The MCE Seasonal Series

While undergoing leadership training, leaders receive feedback on their actions and behaviors. The training programs make sure these strengths are explored and developed, resulting in a more well-rounded and effective leader for others to look up to. 

However, leadership development environments change with the seasons, and this is a significant reason for leaders to invest in new skill development or to encourage the enhancement of a particular set of skills. 

If this sounds like something you’re interested in learning more about, you’ve come to the right place! 

The perfect seasonal series of leadership development courses are being offered by P2L on behalf of Mohawk College Enterprise (MCE) to help you maintain the essential leadership skills that ensure success all year long! 

The MCE Seasonal Series 

This online instructor-led course series provides timely content that reflects changes in leadership development over the Summer, Autumn, and Winter months.


The MCE Seasonal Series consists of full-day virtual workshops. Interactive workshops make use of smart technology between facilitators and participants. Thus, you retain knowledge more effectively and have the opportunity to apply it in day-to-day situations. 

Are all three courses required? 

Together or separately, these courses make a great set. Three workshops are offered during each ‘season’ (Summer, Fall, Winter). Although it is critical to realize the importance of the relationship between the 3 workshops, those seeking a focused subject matter can target any of the MCE Seasonal Series offerings. 

Managing Effective Communication- JULY COURSE 

Students will learn about the best ways to use communication skills and tools for effective interpersonal interactions in this course. Participants will identify with a personality style and how they influence communication. They will be better prepared to utilize different communication styles during and after COVID-19. 

Learning Objectives: 
  • Communicating in a team 
  • Personality profiles based on the DiSC® model 

 Profile Characteristics 

 Leadership Styles and Personality 

Adjusting Your Style for Effective Communication 

  • Keeping Your Employees Informed Throughout and After COVID-19 

Effective communications leave everyone satisfied and with a positive feeling. Communicating clearly eliminates the potential for misunderstandings. 

If you’re looking for a course that will successfully help you stay on top of the crucial communication styles that will foster positive work experiences for your whole team, then this is the course for you. 

Contact P2L to enroll today!

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