The Mirantis Cloud Course You Need To Succeed

What Is the Mirantis Cloud Platform?

The Mirantis Cloud-Native Platform provides a holistic cloud experience for complete app and DevOps portability, a single pane of glass, and fully automated full-stack lifecycle management with continuous updates.

What is Cloud Native Computing?

Cloud-native computing entails the use of cloud computing software for building and running scalable applications in dynamic, changing environments such as public clouds, private clouds, and hybrid clouds.

The platform embraces modern approaches, such as serverless and microservices. Manages without compromising quality or security while quickly writing, building, deploying, and deploying.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then you’ve come to the right place! P2L is proud to announce that it will be offering one of the top Mirantis Cloud-Native courses to meet all your cloud-related needs. 

Mirantis – CN252: Cloud-Native Development

Bootcamp (On-Demand)

This course will allow you to learn the core skills you need to develop high-performance, secure containerized applications and orchestrate them on Kubernetes, as well as advanced techniques for streamlining the container development process, instrumenting containers for production systems, and building containerized continuous integration pipelines. By accelerating the containerization process for developers and DevOps teams, this bundle allows them to fully utilize all containerization has to offer.

Who Can Benefit

Participants in this course should have the following skills:

Motivators: Learning containerization and Kubernetes quickly before developing a container-native application

Containerized applications and continuous integration.

Role: Developers, architects of applications, and developers of operations


The following requirements will lead to the success of the student in this course:

Knowledge of the bash shell

Navigation and manipulation of filesystems

Editing text on the command line with vim or nano

Curl and ping which are commonly used as tools

If you are eager to learn more or you are planning on enrolling in the course, contact P2L today!

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