Elite Commander – Learn  Leadership through Gaming

Elite Commander – Learn  Leadership through 3D Gaming


Employees are being expected to manage teams in the workplace more and more these days, but the road to becoming a successful leader is long and not always easy. With P2L’s new leadership game, Elite Commander, it is now possible to learn leadership skills through gaming.

When a business moves online, leadership development does not have to halt. For that, P2L has got you covered. We are excited to announce the launch of our 3D leadership game which is fun, engaging and resourceful to help develop the leadership style of your team.

Also, if you have been looking to attract talented new graduates, it is an interesting addition to your onboarding offering o let these individuals know during the hiring or as part of your job posts that you can offer them leadership gamification.

Trust us when we say, the millennial generation is attracted to games and there’s nothing better than a 3D leadership game to develop their skills, as compared to lecture style board room training, or a self-learn booklet.

In the  game, you are the leader of a team that includes a sniper, a gunner and a medic.

The best part is you stay alive as long as you keep working together and survive as a team. You can repeat the level to improve your overall score and no, it is not going to be the same every time you play. The layout will change.

Practical leadership activities, whether they are facilitated by you, or by an external instructor, are a fantastic way to get started on that path.

Leadership games, like the one we are launching, are also useful in introducing leadership concepts and can be used to initiate leadership skills training.

Leaders need to assume authority and take responsibility for their groups. The following are some of the areas they must pay attention t0:

  • Taking Ownership
  • Creating a positive work environment
  • Great Organizational skills for themselves and their team
  • Awareness of optimal business communication styles and how to use them effectively
  • Improving team spirit and cohesion through the establishment of common values

There are a variety of resources available to assist you in your leadership development. Coaching, peer support circles, and leadership training are all effective ways to improve your leadership skills.

It’s critical to make sure your leaders are positioned for success and empowered to do their best work during times of change or adversity. It is also worth emphasizing that online teams require excellent leadership.

At P2L, we also customize 3D games based on your company’s corporate needs. Contact us today to know more about our virtual games and how we can help develop some great yet fun-filled experiences for your teams.

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