How Custom Game Development will revolutionize your workplace.

Everyone wants to one-up the competition, yet the market is so dense no one knows where to look. Fortunately for you, we have an answer: Custom Game Development.

If you’ve worked in the corporate world, you’d agree that a personal disconnect from your employees is disheartening. This could arise for several reasons;

  • You (or them) could be drowning in work.
  • Too many new people filter in and out of the workplace.
  • Lack of inclusive training leads to sloppy work and awkward write-ups.
  • Did they spill a coffee on your laptop? (personal)


A strong relationship with employees leads to a strong team, and a strong squad creates long-lasting success. 


So, we’ve successfully provided you with some bleak hypotheticals and a vague statement. The question remains: what does all this have to do with custom game development?


Answer: everything.


We learned most things as children by playing; social skills, how to read and write, how to draw, etc. It’s naturally hardwired into our brains that we know better through interaction, so why do most training modules have

  1. Lack of interaction and a user reward system.
  2. Mundane videos and gruelling powerpoints.


Immersion shouldn’t be limited to that which has already been created; if you want to immerse your employees fully, you’ll need to create something stunning. 


Something…customizable (name drop).

A friendly interaction with a boss and her employee after signing up for the custom game development program.

“Wait…what is custom game development?”

Through p2l and the programming team behind Elite Commander, your business can create a game from the ground up. This will be a wholly personal experience, fully customizable to fit your company’s mantra and what you’d like to achieve while working through it. Build a game outfitted with unique character designs, modern mechanics, and exciting levelling. 


We believe in abandoning the past and embracing modernity. Kick the informative videos and textbook-style learning for something your employees will remember.


If the attractive, modern, fully immersive custom game system doesn’t appeal to you (or if you’d like to take things slow.) Don’t fret; we additionally offer a three-pronged gamification system. We provide gamification services that incorporate interactive elements into regular workplace activities (e.g. training modules), offer a VR package to improve soft skills like public speaking, and custom e-learning courses built to your specifications.

If we’re looking for a committed, engaged workplace, we must set that standard ourselves. First impressions always last; let’s make sure it’s a good one. 

Learning should be fun; stay ahead of the curve with p2l.

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