The Elite Commander VIP Waitlist.

All great things have an air of exclusivity, gold, fame, the elite commander VIP waitlist. As all these things have in common, there is only a limited amount to go around. 

We at p2l are now offering you the opportunity to gain exclusive access to our upcoming title, “Elite Commander”.

The Elite Commander VIP waitlist will help you get ahead of the curve on all things Elite Commander, plus a few exclusive add ons to boot. 


What are these add ons you may ask?


  1. Exclusive In-Game Skin.

Our VIP waitlist will give you access to an exclusive character skin. 


This cosmetic item will serve as a one time only promotion, exclusively available to members of the VIP waiting list. 


With the vast market for online gaming skins like CS:GO and Rainbow Six. A rare item, not to mention a FREE rare item is never a bad thing.


  1. Early Access.

Members of the  VIP waitlist will gain 1 week early access to the game. This means all in game features: leveling, character customization, and more.


Gaining a competitive advantage over other players is important, especially when all it takes is the click of a button.


  1. Exclusive in-game medallion.

If you thought the skin was cool, wait until you hear about our next cosmetic.


The exclusive in game medallion will be a great addition to your banner. Only available to members of the VIP waiting list. 


This, and the skin are one time offers. They will not be available to anyone who hadn’t previously enlisted in our waitlist. 

  1. Bragging rights.

The most important add on yet, bragging rights. 


Being equipped with an exclusive skin, medallion, and early access will push you ahead of the crowd with Elite Commander. 


It’s like buying bitcoin in 2013, low risk, high reward. 


Be ahead of the curve. Become an Elite Commander before anyone else. All for free, through p2l.

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