How to get a Custom Game for your Business.

With concepts like NFTs and the Metaverse peeking on the horizon, custom game development is the only logical way to stay on the curve. In this article, you will learn all about custom game development, including how to get a custom game for your business. 

Before we begin, let’s dive into the logistics of gamification. Over the last 20 years, the business has gone virtual. This includes WHMIS modules, training courses, and even remote work. With the prevalence of virtual reality and esports, we predict a drastic change within the next ten years. 


Melanie Subin, a director at New York’s future today institute, claims that a “large portion of people will be in the metaverse in some way” by 2030. 


This gradual shift to a virtual lifestyle tells how the corporate sphere will work in the future, similar to how workplace activities will shift into a comprehensive virtual formula. 


The custom game service offered by p2l is built around this inevitable shift. Our on-site programming team is readily available to assist you with creating a wholly unique experience—all achievable within a twelve-month timeframe. 


Under your direction, our programming team will develop a one-of-a-kind game for your company. Some prime examples include:

  • A multiplayer match to foster team morale and interpersonal relationships among your staff.
  • A slew of training seminars for both new and legacy employees.
  • Soft skills development in areas like public speaking & leadership.
  • A virtual world where actual-world performance will be rewarded with unique cosmetic items & in-game perks.


These examples are not limited, and given the opportunity, we’re sure your company will create a memorable experience for your staff. 


So, how do you get a custom game for your business?


You can begin the custom game development process by contacting us for a free quotation. We will immediately start the storyboarding and development process; you provide the vision, and we do the work.


It’s never too late to get ahead of the curve. Usher in the new generation with p2l, constantly growing, always thriving. 


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