Benefits of Learning Your Business Communication Style

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Learning your business communication style encourages more successful conversations. Communication covers a wide range of topics. It includes goal clarity, strategy clarity, transparency, engaging and influencing others, persuading others, bargaining, articulating ideas, and so on.


Here are a few benefits of learning your business communication style:

  • Recognizing the differences between diverse communication styles will enable you to effectively communicate with anyone, regardless of their or your communication style.
  • When the style aligns, it leads to better retention of information and the listener is at ease with the conversation.
  • By learning the communication style of the listener, it will prevent misunderstandings where they can become irritated or agitated


Now that you have all the information about BCSA, maybe you’re wondering how do I get started and what is the process of learning this course.


First, take the Business Communication Style Assessment online with your team. Learn their communication style so you can communicate with them better.


Here are a few recommendations on how to communicate with each business style :


When talking to Transcenders :

  • Start with the results. Talk about the conclusion first.
  • Use as few words as possible to get your point across
  • Emphasize the What, and how practical your approach is


When talking to Strategists :

  • Allow plenty of time to expand the conversation.
  • Expect to discuss tangents, and do not get upset when they happen.
  • Try to tie each topic of discussion to the broader idea or scope of discussion


When talking to Socializers

  • Stress how your proposed plan or idea will positively impact the people involved.
  • Show what you’re proposing has worked for other groups and drop names of companies and people they might know.
  • Talk about endorsements from respected people.


When talking to Systematicians :

  • Don’t round up – if it’s 4.7% , don’t say 5%
  • Describe your recommendations in detail and don’t skip steps.
  • Offer options and provide the pros and cons of each option.


Second, answer the team exercises together. An example of an exercise we do for this course is discussing how you can communicate better with your teammate and ask if they agree with the approach. If not, why not.

Lastly, you will learn how to identify someone’s communication style to build rapport. Understanding how best to identify business communication styles is very personal. Everyone comprehends this concept differently. Identifying styles must be done in your own words for it to be authentic. Find out which questions to ask in order for you to learn and identify their communication style.


P2L encourages you to take this assessment to cultivate better relationships with your colleagues and clients.


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