Why Should You Take an Amazon Web Services Course?

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Why should you take an Amazon Web Services course?



AWS lets you select the programming language, web application platform, operating system, and database. With AWS, you receive a virtual environment that lets you load the software and services your application requires.



Take advantage of reliable and secure global infrastructure, the fundamentals of Amazon’s multi-billion dollar business that has been trusted for over a decade.



Core infrastructure is meticulously built to meet security requirements for the military, banks, and high-sensitivity organizations. This is facilitated by cloud security tools, 230 security, compliance, and governance services.



The AWS Cloud covers 81 Availability Zones within 25 geographic regions globally. Plans have been announced for 24 more Availability Zones and 8 more AWS Regions in Australia, India, Indonesia, Israel, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, and United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Benefits of getting a certification on AWS :

  • It expands your professional network. AWS certification brings recognition to  IT professionals. There is an AWS Certified Global Community LinkedIn for professionals who finished the course and got certified. You can also meet like-minded individuals by attending meetings and conferences.
  • It shows how committed you are. IT Professionals who pursue an AWS course invest a lot of their time studying and understanding the concepts of each course. Getting a certificate is not that easy. Therefore, a certificate implies how dedicated you are and how hard-working you are to earn it,
  • It prepares you for the future. Organizations have shifted into a world where everything is cloud-based. Not only is the transition necessary but also skill upgradation. We know that AWS is the first among cloud service providers. AWS certification can help you prepare for the upcoming trends in the IT professional job market. It can also show your skills to future employers and increase your appeal as a candidate.
  • It can get you a better paycheck. According to recent studies from the Global Knowledge survey, AWS certification can improve the salary of a certified professional by almost 25.9%. Even if you are just starting on your IT journey, getting a certification on AWS will help you get ahead and you can practice the things you learned from the course.



The surging popularity of AWS is creating lots of job opportunities for technical and non-technical professionals. AWS is a great start to further your IT career by choosing to obtain thorough training right at the foundational level. 

P2l offers both virtual and classroom training allowing you to learn online as well as in-person to master the best practices.

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