Why Do Companies Trust IBM?


According to Fortune, IBM produces and sells computer hardware and software, as well as cloud computing and data analytics. The company has also served as a major research and development corporation over the years, with significant inventions like the floppy disk, the hard disk drive, and the UPC barcode.


Why are companies using IBM?


Companies continue to use IBM’s Cloud suite and other services because they are at the top of the industry and it’s a name people can trust.


With solutions that solve a dozen of concerns across all industries, it should come as no surprise that when compared to other cloud services, no one comes close to IBM’s Cloud. Here are a few reasons why companies are using IBM more than any other similar product currently available.


1. Security

Trust can be built into every interaction through IBM’s powerful portfolio of data protection and services. These services have been embedded into their hybrid cloud architecture to protect their clients processes, applications and cloud services, while managing compliance requirements.


2. Flexibility

Whether you’re running a small startup company or a huge Fortune 500 corporation, the platform is never too big or too small for your business because they tailor each solution to the needs of your company. The IBM Cloud is also the only program that offers a true cross-platform experience to users by making all of its internal platforms easily accessible.


3. Offers a broad set of tools

IBM Cloud suite is more than just a storage tool as it consists of over 120 cloud computing services which offer dozens of solutions to everyday business problems. After blending their Softlayer and BlueMix products into fully integrated public and private cloud options, IBM Cloud now has cloud computing services that offer platform as a service and infrastructure as a service.


4. Innovative

IBM helps partners access and deploy a wide range of innovations and technologies to achieve their goals. This includes helping to tap the unmatched pace and quality of innovations from the open-source community.


IBM is a globally trusted company that leads a progressive approach with more than 100 years of experience in supporting clients’ business systems.


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