The Rise of Mobile Games

Over the past 20 years, the popularity of console games has skyrocketed. E-sports tournaments, streaming, and celebrity sponsored events have dominated the market; and created new lane ways for this profession to thrive. As we go into the 2020’s, a new branch of gaming is finally receiving its flowers, we present to you:


The Rise of Mobile Games. 


Early Days.

Who here remembers brickbreaker? This relaxing, arcade style game was surprisingly a big selling point for the blackberry. The allure of picking up your device, an already constant source of stimulation, and playing something mindless is undeniable. 


If this concept was walking alongside the blackberry, then it would be running with the release of the Iphone. Apples touch screen smartphone boasted an accessible layout, exclusive features, and best of all; an expansive library of mobile games. Soon games like Subway Surfers, Temple Run, and Angry Birds became household names.


These games would form a foundation that has now sprouted in directions no one saw coming. Cell phones were developed as the ultimate communication tool – mobile games as the ultimate time killer. 


Modern Mobile Games.

The rise of mobile games wasn’t done here though. As people fought hand and neck for leaderboard spots in single player games; multiplayer games would be rounding the corner. The first hyper-popular multiplayer game was undoubtedly Clash of Clans. This competitive tower defense game had players build and defend a base from other players. It was a simple concept, yet one that was both free and accessible to the general public. To this day, Clash of Clans still has 37 million active players–a testament to mobile games and their pull. 

Clash Royale – Apps on Google Play

Soon, games like Pokemon GO would take the world by storm; utilizing phone features like the camera and GPS to create an immersive experience. Games like Clash Royale now sponsor paid professional leagues and tournaments. Upcoming games like Elite Commander provide the same value a Linkedin Course would on a resume, and mobile games continually evolve past this.


In conclusion, the accessibility of mobile games creates a promising horizon for the industry, and a world of opportunity for anyone interested enough in developing them.

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