Advantages of Using Augmented Reality in Business

Technology is changing the world rapidly. Organizations can use these changes to advance their goals more effectively, to promote and grow their business, to educate their employees in a more efficient manner, and to attract more clients. One of the latest technologies P2L has adopted as a new and exciting way of learning is Augmented Reality (AR).


What is Augmented Reality?


Investopedia defines Augmented reality (AR) as  an enhanced version of the real physical world that is achieved through the use of digital visual elements, sound, or other sensory stimuli and delivered via technology. Unlike virtual reality, which creates its own cyber environment, augmented reality adds to the existing world as it is.


If you’re wondering if your business could benefit from Augmented Reality, here are some reasons why most businesses should invest in Augmented Reality.

Advantages of using Augmented Reality

  • It creates a unique experience

Whether you’re using Augmented Reality for the first time or it is your 100th time trying it, it can always create a unique experience for users. It’s so easy to see and experience your surroundings in a new way without actually having to change them. 


  • It’s efficient for onboarding new employees

Using Augmented Reality makes it easier and more efficient to train employees. Training modules can be recorded while the employees follow along and practice tasks with minimal risk to workplace operations.


  • It saves you money

Companies spend a lot of time and money to see the final product only to end up with something they don’t actually like. With Augmented Reality, companies can create a digital sample to see what features will look like next to objects in the real world.


  • It boosts user engagement

Since the beginning of 2020 businesses have shifted to using AR to advertise and attract customers. Scannable product labels, interactive ads, store signage — these are some ways how AR can be used to boost user engagement.


  • It’s an effective marketing strategy

Augmented Reality allows customers to try and see how a product works before buying them. Customers will more likely come back and give the product a try because of their experience. This also attracts repetitive engagement since it’s fun and interactive.


Augmented Reality will continue to develop and expand in different business industries. It will be interesting to see its growth in the next ten years. Businesses should incorporate Augmented Reality as early as now to stay ahead of the competition. Contact P2L today if you want to learn more about Augmented Reality and how you can use it to grow your business. 


Manage Professional Growth

Indeed defines professional growth as gaining new experiences and skills to positively impact your current position and any role you are likely to pursue in your career. By expanding your skills and thinking ahead, you are preparing yourself to handle more responsibilities. Regardless of your position, there is always more to learn.


Here are some tips to advance your professional growth


  • Master your industry

Some work industries require a more in-depth knowledge and skills than other industries. By mastering those information and skills, you will be able to better communicate the issues your industry is facing.


Take time each week to read news and articles written about your field of work to ensure you are continuously growing. You can also join professional groups that target other professionals in your industry and attend lectures or seminars with them. Lastly, look for opportunities to apply the things you learned in your workplace.


  • Further your education

Whether your goal is to advance in your career at your current organization, transition to a new role elsewhere, or work in a brand new industry, furthering your education is one strategy that can help you get there. Continuing your education shows employers that you are a lifelong learner who values self-improvement and that you can always keep up with the changing demands in the industry.


  • Take performance review seriously

Performance reviews are an excellent way for employers to show employees where they are meeting expectations and where they may be falling short. For employees, they are also an incredibly effective way of making it known that you have goals for professional development. By letting your employer know about your goals you can work together to identify a plan of action that will allow you to get where you want to be.


  • Track your progress

Keeping track of your performance will ensure that you remain committed to your plan and allow you to improve your efforts if your progress begins to slow. It is also important to avoid self-doubt and frustration.


Doing the same thing day after day will not only stop you from learning and growing, but you might also begin to regress. To reverse this process, you have to challenge yourself and expose yourself to potentially uncomfortable or new situations that allow growth to take place. P2L’s Managing Professional Growth course equips leaders with a proven employee-manager conversation structure focused on increased engagement, development, and mutual success.