Making Your Own Online Game

Making your own online game is fun but can be challenging. To start developing your own online game, you need to have some programming knowledge, skills, and tools.


P2L makes it easier for people who want to make their own online game. Our team of experienced developers and experts can help you make your game in 3 easy steps.


First, you have to answer these questions:


What kind of game will it be?

Who is your target audience?

Where is it going to be hosted?

Why are you making this game?

How are you going to make the game?


Secondly, decide on a game genre

  1. Strategy Game – A game in which strategy even more so than tactics is the key to winning the game.
  2. Military Game – A game in which two or more weaponized forces combat each other.
  3. Adventure Game – A game that involves an epic journey that the protagonist must survive. Treasures and obstacles are met along the way.
  4. Elimination Game – A game in which two or more contestants try to eliminate each other.



We can compare games by plotting points for each game on a 3D axis system, where the X axis represents the skill required to play a game measured on a scale from 0 to 100. The Y axis represents the luck component, also measured from 0 to 100. The Z axis would be game complexity measured from 0 to 100.



Using this 3D axis system we can compare games from various game genres such as Chess, Zelda, Uno, Valorant, and Civilization as depicted in the diagram below.



For a more exact breakdown of the 3 axes, we can assign values to each: one for skill, one for luck, and one for complexity. By doing so, the more basic games are revealed at the core of the 3D sphere. A game like Uno is a great example, as it is a game of low complexity that does not require much skill to play. As the skill level and complexity of the game increases, we start to see games like Chess and Valorant appear in the middle of the sphere. And finally, very complex games that require a lot of skill will appear in the outer circumference of the sphere.


After deciding which game genre you’d like for your online game, you need to consider how complex you want your game to be, the skills needed to play the game, and what percentage of luck is needed when playing. We need to consider these factors when making your game to help the players understand the concept and the goal of your game.


Do you have a game concept that you want to make a reality? Let’s get started making your own online game today! Contact us to start the design process.

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