Software Profit Streams

Are you seeing a dip in your year-over-year product margins? Do you have customers who are not renewing your services? Are you facing price competition with other businesses at an increased level? Are you just starting your business and unsure how to price your market-ready solutions? Or maybe you just want to make more profit for your company? 

If you answered yes to any of these, then we have some great news for you!


P2L is happy to introduce you to Jason Tanner and Luke Hohmann’s exciting new book called, “Software Profit Streams”. 


software profit streams - book on building profitable and sustainable profit streams


Software Profit Streams framework is applicable and built for software and software-enabled solutions. It also provides essential tips and tactics for creating sustainable and profitable software strategies. This book covers topics such as road mapping, pricing, and value exchange models. The book is for CEOs, venture capitalists, product managers, sales managers, finance and legal teams, and anyone in a company responsible for increasing margins. Profit Streams can help increase profit, improve customer satisfaction, and create ongoing value.


Businesses are using software in everything now. From smart shoes to automated cars to door locks. It only makes sense that every business must become proficient at creating profit from software. But how many companies can tell you accurately what their profitability is at any given point in time? Increasingly, taking a profitability snapshot once a quarter will not be enough to beat the competition.


The book will help you develop new solutions for different markets and guide you through making the most effective roadmap to achieve your business goals. It will also help you establish an effective pricing strategy and how to maximize your profit. For security and legal agreements, the book also discussed the importance of customer licenses and privacy policies. This will help ensure sustainable profit streams, prevent financial losses, and properly define important terms and factors in software sales. 


Sustainable profits are those that can be maintained over time. This is the key to the long-term success of any business. Software Profit Streams offers guidance on building profit streams that are sustainable and that can help companies succeed for years to come. This book will help companies thrive in today’s competitive and fast-paced business environment.


The Software Profit Streams book will be available on the 4th of April. Sign up to get your copy here. For more information about the Profit Streams framework, you can visit their website here 


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