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P2L Inc

P2L Inc. was founded on the principle of aligning the goals of the individual and the goals of the organization through skills transformation. More than ever, organizations today are challenged to stay ahead of technological changes and deliver results in a rapidly changing environment. P2L ensures that your investments made in employee skill development keep you ahead of the curve.

Our People

We build teams based on individual talent, and a strong sense of mission to help others get ahead in their professional lives. Our staff are friendly and diverse. They are focused on getting the best for their individual clients. At P2L, there is a balanced approach to work and recreation, and our clients are often invited to take part in our celebrations. The personal goals of our employees are as important, if not more important, than the goals the company sets for them.

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We were established as a green organization. We have reduced our carbon footprint by recycling and investing in reusable products. Our courseware is electronic to eliminate the need for paper. Most of our courses are available as remote classes to eliminate the need for travel. When we deliver private classes, or consulting at the client site, we leverage logistics that minimize environmental impacts as much as possible.

Giving Back

We are committed to improving the educational opportunities for people that do not currently have access to the education they need. Circumstances such as socio-economic, geographical or political exclusion have created an education deficit in many areas of the world. P2L works with charities such as the “buildOn” www.buildOn.org to eliminate this issue at the grass roots level.

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