Virtual Reality

More and more businesses are using virtual reality to create a more interactive and engaging learning experience. With the help of virtual reality you can visualize abstract ideas and reach spaces that were previously inaccessible.

A woman is seated facing her laptop. She is wearing a VR headset and she is holding a VR console in her right hand.

Virtual Reality Builder

Companies can benefit from using virtual reality. Let's turn your virtual realiy ideas into... well, reality.

A man in a suit is wearing a VR headset and has both of his hands in front of him.
Four people are looking at computer screens. They are all wearing a headset with mic

VR for a better onboarding experience

Experience a better HR onboarding process that could include an introduction to the company, information about the C-suite executives, and more.

Cost effective

Realized you're spending a lot when designing and developing a product only to end up with something you don’t actually like? With VR, you can create a digital sample and see what works best. You can easily modify the sample while still staying within your budget.

Attract new clients

Clients like to know the benefits of your product and if they can use it in real life. By using VR, they can try before they buy. They'll be able to think of a time when they can use your product and are more likely to buy it.

Michael is the ultimate professional. He uses training in the context of company performance that ties it to revenue and opportunity, so training is not just checking a box to meet a requirement, it becomes a strategic tool in achieving quarterly and annual business goals that are directly tied to revenue and profit.

- Leslie Babel

Team BFS recently participated in a Digital Marketing Training Course facilitated by P2L. Our past experience in this space was weak. P2L educated us with the knowledge and power of digital marketing, helping us understand the best platforms for our business. Within a few weeks we had the training to better market our business in the 21st Century! I recommend P2L to any organization that wants to strengthen their greatest asset--their employees.

-Nick Brown