Building A Global Perspective

Industry: Leadership Development

Location : In Person

Language : English

About this course

A Global Perspective: What is it?

With a global perspective, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, others, and culture, as well as the dynamics that shape it. Being aware of globalization and how each region of the world is interconnected economically, politically, and socially play a role in having a global mindset.

Companies Going Global

Having a global presence requires success in new markets, as well as avoiding cultural pitfalls. Business leaders generally focus on expanding into new languages, opening more offices, supporting new currencies, and so on, but that’s only half the story. It is vital for companies to be operationally ready to fully realize the potential of their international strategy, and this means integrating global thinking into the culture of their organization.

Become a globalization guru

It is a common misconception that you can design a product for your home market and introduce it internationally. Finding the links between strategy and execution requires looking at what employees think, not merely what they do. People should instead think about products, features, campaigns, and processes in terms of their ability to be deployed across multiple markets from the beginning.

Accumulate more international experience

Gaining more international experience is the single best way to accelerate the process of going global, but it’s not easy or quick.

Form a global steering committee

Creating such a group will help identify challenges to your international businesses and create plans to solve them. This is another way to highlight the importance of globalization. Each division should have a representative attend, along with senior executives, who can discuss key international performance metrics and analyze why certain goals were not achieved.

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What Will You Accomplish?

In this course you will learn:

  • Develop a global mindset to drive business and career success
  • Gauge your Cultural Intelligence (CQ) with an in-depth report, then improve your perspective with a set of
  • self-development activities and experiences

Who is this course for?

Take this course if you want to understand different cultures and gain experiences outside your comfort zone. As a result of long-term cultural exposure, you can develop a heightened sense of normality and learn about how culture shapes values and circumstances.