Elite Commander Beta Testing

After two years in development P2L’s highly anticipated leadership based game Elite Commander has officially reached beta testing. Elite commander is a game that both incorporates fast-paced shooter elements & relevant leadership skills into a cohesive package.


The P2L team has employed a slew of beta testers from different age ranges to play, analyze, and critique the game for further development. The utlization of this method helps game developers find bugs, inconsistencies, and make overall improvements to game health. 

Elite Commander Beta Testing Simulated Image

Elite Commander is P2L’s immersive new leadership game, one where you’ll learn relevant real-world skills in the confines of a fun, chaotic map. Your player will lead a team of three soldiers; a sniper, medic, and brute as you traverse a harrowing battlefield. You’ll have to rally your troops, and effectively work together to achieve success.

Play-testing elite commander is open to everyone, and those who participate will receive free in-game cosmetics. In a play-tester, we’d look for someone with an eye for good content, and a knack for constructive criticism. The process is designed to weed out any inconsistencies, bugs, and playability errors within the game itself. Most play tests last for at least 4-6 rounds, as the game development process is long and intricate.

If you’d like to contribute to Elite Commander Beta Testing, please let us know here.

It will be available to play on both PC and Mobile.

Importance of Communicating with Clarity in Different Aspects of Life

Communication across the globe has become more convenient thanks to technology; however, it has also made keeping up with the different messages they receive more difficult.

Our constant connections have led to an inability to communicate clearly, which is especially problematic for remote workers.

Many of us have either received or sent unclear messages at some point. In these situations, communication tends to crash and burn, requiring time and effort to rebuild.

How do you communicate effectively? & Why is it important?

Effective communication is the process of delivering, receiving, and comprehending a message successfully between two or more individuals.

It involves sharing information between members of your team in a way that reflects what you want to convey, what you say, and what your audience understands.

What role does clarity play ineffective communication?

To keep the reader interested, your message should be clear so that they don’t wonder what you are talking about. Identify the format you want to use with clarity and examine your goal or purpose.

Readers shouldn’t have to guess what you’re trying to say.

3 Key Ways To Create Clarity in Communication


Communicate the mission of your organization clearly and stay true to it. Building a motivational and engaged team culture begins with this step.

Your staff will feel a sense of belonging when your purpose is communicated clearly, concisely, and consistently to reinforce that they belong to an organization united by a common purpose. 


A clear organizational strategy that aligns with your mission must be determined and communicated.

Concrete short- and long-term objectives should be clearly communicated to encourage each department and project team to develop milestones, which ultimately support the achievement of organization-wide objectives. The consequences of failure can be severe.


Make it clear what each role is responsible for and what expectations there are.

Improve team clarity by encouraging employee feedback so you can better understand the practical needs of your employees.

As a leader, you can build a healthy, sustainable culture for your organization by ensuring clarity of purpose, clarity of strategy, and clarity of responsibilities. You can use clarity to drive your people toward a better future instead of allowing disorder or blaming each other for disengagement.

Communicating with Clarity Course

P2L’s Communicating with Clarity course is designed to help you and all of your employees ensure they are following the major skills that will enable your organization to get its message across and avoid any possible problems.

Learn more about it on P2L’s Leadership Development page!

Building a Global Perspective is important for your future success

A Global Perspective: What is it?

With a global perspective, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, others, and culture, as well as the dynamics that shape it.

Being aware of globalization and how each region of the world is interconnected economically, politically, and socially play a role in having a global mindset.

What can you do to become more globally aware?

Experiencing a different culture and gaining experience outside your comfort zone are great ways to develop a global perspective.

As a result of long-term cultural exposure, you can develop a heightened sense of normality and learn about how culture shapes values and circumstances.

When you work abroad, you will gain professional experience in an office with a different cultural influence as well as gain a better understanding of how a company operates.

Companies Going Global

Having a global presence requires success in new markets, as well as avoiding cultural pitfalls. Business leaders generally focus on expanding into new languages, opening more offices, supporting new currencies, and so on, but that’s only half the story.

It is vital for companies to be operationally ready to fully realize the potential of their international strategy, and this means integrating global thinking into the culture of their organization.

Let’s take a look at some of the many ways that can be taken to achieve this in order to promote global growth.

Become a globalization guru

It is a common misconception that you can design a product for your home market and introduce it internationally. Finding the links between strategy and execution requires looking at what employees think, not merely what they do.

People should instead think about products, features, campaigns, and processes in terms of their ability to be deployed across multiple markets from the beginning.

Accumulate more international experience

Gaining more international experience is the single best way to accelerate the process of going global, but it’s not easy or quick.

Form a global steering committee

Creating such a group will help identify challenges to your international businesses and create plans to solve them. This is another way to highlight the importance of globalization.

Each division should have a representative attend, along with senior executives, who can discuss key international performance metrics and analyze why certain goals were not achieved.

Building Your Global Perspective Course
P2L’s Building Your Global Perspective course is designed to help you and all of your employees ensure they are following the major skills that will enable your organization to develop a global perspective.

Learn more about it on P2L’s Leadership Development page!

How High-Performing Teams Can Help Your Company Succeed

It is clear that if you have never led or worked within a high-performing team, you have not experienced one of the most rewarding experiences of your professional career.

What is a High-Performing Team?


A team is a collection of highly qualified members aligned with a common business objective committed to sharing important values and vision.

Their results are consistent and reliable owing to their ability to solve problems creatively and efficiently.

Although the fact is, no team is perfect, but it’s not impossible to be part of a high-performing team.

How to Build the Optimal Team?

Now let’s dive into some of the key factors that can make your organizational teams better than ever.

Understand your employees better

Knowledge of your employees is important. Knowing what motivates, pushes, and frustrates them will help you form the best team you can. 

Planning is always better than your intuitive feeling when it comes to building high-performance teams. Spend some time with each employee, both inside and outside the office, to get a better insight.

 Getting a clear picture of your options will make the process much more quick and easy.

Define roles clearly

 Each member must be clear about his role. Any miscommunication at the individual level will adversely affect the team as a whole.

 The roles assigned must be compatible. High-performing teams don’t do it by instinct. Their decisions need to be driven by a defined logic.

 Working together effectively requires members to be aware of their responsibilities.

Don’t hold back on innovation

Keep your team members’ imaginations flowing and let them find creative new ways to solve business problems.

 It’s best to criticize an idea if you’re going to put constructive criticism into practice no matter how foolish it may sound at first glance.  Innovation reaches us from unlikely places. Maybe that person who doesn’t look like one has some great ideas in his mind.

 Feel free to express yourself.

High-Performing Teams Course

A high-performing team is a strong asset to any company. One could also say they have a competitive edge. The task of building teams must be taken seriously in modern organizations.

It is difficult to believe that tens of thousands of dollars are spent on recruiting new employees only to fail miserably at discovering their true capabilities.

However, to ensure your workplace excels in that area, P2L has the course you need!
It will teach you all the skills that create a High-Performing team allowing your organization to succeed.

Learn more about it on the following P2L webpage.