Making Your Own Online Game

Making your own online game is fun but can be challenging. To start developing your own online game, you need to have some programming knowledge, skills, and tools.


P2L makes it easier for people who want to make their own online game. Our team of experienced developers and experts can help you make your game in 3 easy steps.


First, you have to answer these questions:


What kind of game will it be?

Who is your target audience?

Where is it going to be hosted?

Why are you making this game?

How are you going to make the game?


Secondly, decide on a game genre

  1. Strategy Game – A game in which strategy even more so than tactics is the key to winning the game.
  2. Military Game – A game in which two or more weaponized forces combat each other.
  3. Adventure Game – A game that involves an epic journey that the protagonist must survive. Treasures and obstacles are met along the way.
  4. Elimination Game – A game in which two or more contestants try to eliminate each other.



We can compare games by plotting points for each game on a 3D axis system, where the X axis represents the skill required to play a game measured on a scale from 0 to 100. The Y axis represents the luck component, also measured from 0 to 100. The Z axis would be game complexity measured from 0 to 100.



Using this 3D axis system we can compare games from various game genres such as Chess, Zelda, Uno, Valorant, and Civilization as depicted in the diagram below.



For a more exact breakdown of the 3 axes, we can assign values to each: one for skill, one for luck, and one for complexity. By doing so, the more basic games are revealed at the core of the 3D sphere. A game like Uno is a great example, as it is a game of low complexity that does not require much skill to play. As the skill level and complexity of the game increases, we start to see games like Chess and Valorant appear in the middle of the sphere. And finally, very complex games that require a lot of skill will appear in the outer circumference of the sphere.


After deciding which game genre you’d like for your online game, you need to consider how complex you want your game to be, the skills needed to play the game, and what percentage of luck is needed when playing. We need to consider these factors when making your game to help the players understand the concept and the goal of your game.


Do you have a game concept that you want to make a reality? Let’s get started making your own online game today! Contact us to start the design process.

5 Reasons to Play Elite Commander.

P2l’s brand new game elite commander is a soft skills workshop aimed at building practical real-life skillsets. This article will delve into 5 reasons YOU should play elite commander.


Don’t worry; we’ve got plenty of reasons. 

  1. Value.

While the gaming world offers inherent value in streaming, e-sports, and VR therapy, Elite Commander offers that same value in translatable skills. 


This game will teach leadership, conflict management, and problem-solving skills. All developed by the trusted course leaders P2L is known for. 


  1. Immersive Landscape.

Elite Commander takes place on a raging battlefield. You’ll be assigned the duty of protecting and leading your team to victory through your choices. 


Like the most popular games of the modern age, Elite Commander allows you to submerge yourself in its atmosphere. Therefore creating a unique, valuable experience.


  1. Unlockables.

Just like all popular games of the modern era: Elite Commander has a rewards system.


These rewards range from stylish cosmetics for your characters to checkered medallions as bragging rights. (Pre-Orders get a unique medal.)


Whether you’re playing Elite Commander in the classroom, workplace, or with your friends: these collectables will keep incentive fresh among your crowd.


  1. High-End Gameplay.

Developed on Unity by P2L’s experienced programming team, Elite Commander runs like butter. Before release, every frame, bug, and exploit has been carefully smoothed over. They are leaving no room for error or wrongful usage of the product. 


As far as 3D game engines go, Unity is among the best. 


  1. It’s Enjoyable.

So often will you find games with so much promise and sloppy execution. Elite Commander breaks that trend with a unique and enjoyable experience. 


We learn best when having fun, and take it from us; this game is FUN. You’ll be surrounded by three quirky characters, each with distinct personalities and learning styles. Learning to adjust your leadership style to match each member is rewarding enough, and that’s when we leave out the action-packed gameplay. 

Overall, Elite Commander is a fruitful experience for the classroom, workplace, and just casual learning.


(If you’d like to pre-book a free copy or arrange a custom version of the game for your school board or business. Contact us here.)

Elite Commander Beta Testing

After two years in development P2L’s highly anticipated leadership based game Elite Commander has officially reached beta testing. Elite commander is a game that both incorporates fast-paced shooter elements & relevant leadership skills into a cohesive package.


The P2L team has employed a slew of beta testers from different age ranges to play, analyze, and critique the game for further development. The utlization of this method helps game developers find bugs, inconsistencies, and make overall improvements to game health. 

Elite Commander Beta Testing Simulated Image

Elite Commander is P2L’s immersive new leadership game, one where you’ll learn relevant real-world skills in the confines of a fun, chaotic map. Your player will lead a team of three soldiers; a sniper, medic, and brute as you traverse a harrowing battlefield. You’ll have to rally your troops, and effectively work together to achieve success.

Play-testing elite commander is open to everyone, and those who participate will receive free in-game cosmetics. In a play-tester, we’d look for someone with an eye for good content, and a knack for constructive criticism. The process is designed to weed out any inconsistencies, bugs, and playability errors within the game itself. Most play tests last for at least 4-6 rounds, as the game development process is long and intricate.

If you’d like to contribute to Elite Commander Beta Testing, please let us know here.

It will be available to play on both PC and Mobile.

How to get a Custom Game for your Business.

With concepts like NFTs and the Metaverse peeking on the horizon, custom game development is the only logical way to stay on the curve. In this article, you will learn all about custom game development, including how to get a custom game for your business. 

Before we begin, let’s dive into the logistics of gamification. Over the last 20 years, the business has gone virtual. This includes WHMIS modules, training courses, and even remote work. With the prevalence of virtual reality and esports, we predict a drastic change within the next ten years. 


Melanie Subin, a director at New York’s future today institute, claims that a “large portion of people will be in the metaverse in some way” by 2030. 


This gradual shift to a virtual lifestyle tells how the corporate sphere will work in the future, similar to how workplace activities will shift into a comprehensive virtual formula. 


The custom game service offered by p2l is built around this inevitable shift. Our on-site programming team is readily available to assist you with creating a wholly unique experience—all achievable within a twelve-month timeframe. 


Under your direction, our programming team will develop a one-of-a-kind game for your company. Some prime examples include:

  • A multiplayer match to foster team morale and interpersonal relationships among your staff.
  • A slew of training seminars for both new and legacy employees.
  • Soft skills development in areas like public speaking & leadership.
  • A virtual world where actual-world performance will be rewarded with unique cosmetic items & in-game perks.


These examples are not limited, and given the opportunity, we’re sure your company will create a memorable experience for your staff. 


So, how do you get a custom game for your business?


You can begin the custom game development process by contacting us for a free quotation. We will immediately start the storyboarding and development process; you provide the vision, and we do the work.


It’s never too late to get ahead of the curve. Usher in the new generation with p2l, constantly growing, always thriving. 


The Elite Commander Team: P2L’s Innovative Leadership Game.

 In p2l’s leadership game Elite Commander, you’ll assume the role of the team leader of a ragtag team of soldiers. This team will be your backbone in making it through the harsh game world. Not only does each member have a unique skill set, but also come equipped with their own quirks and backstory. Why don’t we cut to the chase and have you meet the team of elite commander.

Maria Picket (24), Female Sniper.

Trust us; You do not want to get caught within 500 metres of this bullseye baddie. 


Maria Picket will be your eyes in the bushes (that sounded better in my head) during your stay as team captain. With a near-perfect track record, her biggest regret remains the single-shot she missed five years ago.


This sarcastic sharpshooter is naturally rebellious and uniquely skilled at math and singing (don’t tell her we told you that). Her nature will test your leadership skills and may have you at odds with her time and time again. 


Be that as it may, Maria Picket is fiercely loyal to the people she cares about. A strong leader will maximize her potential both personally and on the battlefield.


Yao Wang (28), Gunner Infantry 1st Class.

Meet your pollen-sensitive, gold-loving gunner, Yao Wang. A bright strategist held back by his ego and impulsivity. 


At first glance, you’d think Yao Wang to be an industry-certified model. He’d love to hear that, half due to his self-absorption and a half due to his fashion industry aspirations. 


As the team leader, you’ll guide Yao Wang toward his full potential. Regardless of his erratic nature, a strong captain will capitalize on everything this member brings to the table.


His charm, influence, and persuasiveness will be valuable assets to your mission. Just keep him away from flowers, as they may have pollen, and Yao Wangs’ winged yellow enemies LOVE pollen.


Staff Sergeant Rob Furlong (28), Medic.

Meet the peanut-sensitive Mother Theresa of your crew, Rob Furlong. The only thing he fears more than spiders is being unable to save his comrades (that got dark).


Ever since he was younger, Rob Furlong dreamed of being a doctor. His kindness, compassion, and empathy will prove invaluable to your team. 

A natural statistician by heart, Rob is someone you’ll have to nurture during your stay as a leader. Validating his kind-hearted nature and tireless effort will allow him to shine like no other. 


Just make sure he has his EpiPen. 


You (?), The Leader.

The final, most essential member of the team is you.


As the leader of this band of misfits, you’ll be tasked with adjusting to their unique personalities.


The success of this mission is in your hands. Show that you have what it takes to lead your team through hell and back. 


This isn’t just a leadership game Reach your full potential, become a true Elite Commander.

Elite Commander: Soft Skills with a Hard Twist.


To say we’re in the age of video games is an understatement. Esports, streaming, and sold-out consoles are all the rage nowadays. As popular culture becomes more and more video game-oriented, why can’t our workplace do the same? 

(It can)

P2L is proud to announce our latest, most innovative project to date,

Elite Commander.


“Wait…what is elite commander?”

Man questioning himself and wondering with doubtful face expression
We’re glad you asked. 

Elite Commander is a custom game designed by our in-house programming team. Its core focus aims to teach necessary soft skills utilized by effective people. Things like leading a team, public speaking, and more will be taught in real-time by a team of five virtual characters. Hence the slogan, “Elite Commander: Soft Skills with a Hard Twist.”

“Am I one of the characters?”

We’re glad you asked (again).

You take up the role of the leader of a team that consists of a gunner, sniper, and medic. 

You’ll lead these characters through a variety of harrowing scenarios. Missions that teach the player valuable lessons on different leadership styles, how to effectively work with your team, and the importance of unity in the workplace. 

With meticulously crafted characters and multiple outcomes per event. Each scenario requires the player to use a different leadership style.

The interactive nature of “Elite Commander” will teach workplace soft skills in a unique way.  Think “The seven habits of highly effective people” mixed with “On becoming a leader” all piled into an accessible (and fun) game. 


Similarly, if you like the educational concept of Elite Commander yet want different execution, p2l also offers custom game development.

This service has your company working with our programmers to create a custom game of your choice. It could range anywhere from company training to virtual seminars to announcements. 

The era of gaming is upon us. Stay ahead of the curve with Elite Commander(soft skills with a hard twist).

How Custom Game Development will revolutionize your workplace.

Everyone wants to one-up the competition, yet the market is so dense no one knows where to look. Fortunately for you, we have an answer: Custom Game Development.

If you’ve worked in the corporate world, you’d agree that a personal disconnect from your employees is disheartening. This could arise for several reasons;

  • You (or them) could be drowning in work.
  • Too many new people filter in and out of the workplace.
  • Lack of inclusive training leads to sloppy work and awkward write-ups.
  • Did they spill a coffee on your laptop? (personal)


A strong relationship with employees leads to a strong team, and a strong squad creates long-lasting success. 


So, we’ve successfully provided you with some bleak hypotheticals and a vague statement. The question remains: what does all this have to do with custom game development?


Answer: everything.


We learned most things as children by playing; social skills, how to read and write, how to draw, etc. It’s naturally hardwired into our brains that we know better through interaction, so why do most training modules have

  1. Lack of interaction and a user reward system.
  2. Mundane videos and gruelling powerpoints.


Immersion shouldn’t be limited to that which has already been created; if you want to immerse your employees fully, you’ll need to create something stunning. 


Something…customizable (name drop).

A friendly interaction with a boss and her employee after signing up for the custom game development program.

“Wait…what is custom game development?”

Through p2l and the programming team behind Elite Commander, your business can create a game from the ground up. This will be a wholly personal experience, fully customizable to fit your company’s mantra and what you’d like to achieve while working through it. Build a game outfitted with unique character designs, modern mechanics, and exciting levelling. 


We believe in abandoning the past and embracing modernity. Kick the informative videos and textbook-style learning for something your employees will remember.


If the attractive, modern, fully immersive custom game system doesn’t appeal to you (or if you’d like to take things slow.) Don’t fret; we additionally offer a three-pronged gamification system. We provide gamification services that incorporate interactive elements into regular workplace activities (e.g. training modules), offer a VR package to improve soft skills like public speaking, and custom e-learning courses built to your specifications.

If we’re looking for a committed, engaged workplace, we must set that standard ourselves. First impressions always last; let’s make sure it’s a good one. 

Learning should be fun; stay ahead of the curve with p2l.

What your Employees Need to Know to Make your Company Successful

Company success isn’t always determined by the degrees of your employees. The key predictors of any company success are marketing, selling, networking, management, negotiation, and communication. Not only this, the success of a company is directly linked with success of its employees. A company that has employees mastering these skills is a great package and nothing can stop its growth.

Team working together

Ensuring your employees succeed should be the prime focus of any company, because a hard working employee will get the job done, but if you don’t enhance their business abilities, their career will stagnate which will ultimately impact the success of your company. Here are some of the most important employee skills to focus on.

Ability to lead

The skill of convincing and guiding people with the goal of attaining established goals and objectives is known as leadership.

To get the most out of your employees and increase production, you must be able to encourage them. To ensure that your staff are pleased, do frequent assessments and progress meetings (at least every six months). Spend time listening to their concerns and requirements, and do everything you can to assist them. When people are at happiest, they work the hardest.

If you want to expand your team or business, you’ll need to employ additional people – leadership skills are crucial for attracting top talent and keeping them on board during difficult times.

Ability to communicate

Communication is the foundation of all workplace contact; it facilitates the transmission of ideas, innovations, and viewpoints.

Communication aids in the development of loyal workers, the attraction of repeat consumers, the identification of new suppliers, and the protection of investment.

Skills in negotiating

With practice, you’ll be able to figure out what negotiating methods work, as well as what to say and how to say it, so you can get the greatest bargains for your company. The better you are at negotiating, the more money you will save from suppliers, the more money you will obtain from investors, and the more you will be able to charge consumers, all of which will help your company to expand.

Make it a habit to bargain for lower pricing every time you buy or order something in your daily life; it will provide you with essential experience and help you figure out which strategies work best for you. It will demonstrate how, nearly always, if you simply ask, you may receive something additional or at a lower price.

Business networking

If you took a sample of ten directors of a company and asked them how they managed to get to the top in the competitive corporate environment, chances are high that most of them will mention networking.

Networking in business is one of the most efficient, low-cost ways of creating and converting sales opportunities. It will give you, your team or your business the necessary edge to succeed in the current marketplace.

Management Capabilities

Someone who can plan and execute projects, manage employees to complete tasks, and take responsibility when issues develop is required in every commercial context.

When it comes to promotions, a good knowledge of management, like leadership qualities, sets you ahead of your peers.

Many business owners and managers fall into the trap of failing to delegate because they are hesitant to relinquish control. Delegating responsibilities to others in the company or outsourcing to contractors may be part of efficiently managing your time. Determine which duties are most essential to you, or which tasks you excel at, and attempt to delegate the rest.

Employers’ role in making employees successful:

Throughout the employee lifetime, proactive facilitation of the greatest employee experience is defined as employee success. It entails strategic planning on how to assist workers in a way that allows them to accomplish their best job while also facilitating high productivity and engagement.

  1. Pay attention to your employees’ wants and requirements.

You should check your employee’s pulse on a frequent basis. Listening to your workers’ wants and concerns can help you better understand how they feel and how you can assist them accomplish their best job, which is the goal of employee success.

  1. Make HR a strategic partner in your firm.

It might be a good time to make HR a strategic business partner. Why? Because HR specialists can assist you in responding to a variety of current workplace difficulties and advise you on what steps to take to ensure the success of your staff.

  1. Keep your coworkers updated.

You can have a negative influence on your employees’ experience if you don’t communicate timely and effectively. This is especially true during times of crisis, when effective communication is a top concern for companies all around the world. During the epidemic, we saw several updates from local governments, revisions to working regulations, and safety suggestions sent to employees, for example.

  1. Assist employees in their personal and professional development.

Employees think that they are not achieving their full potential in 70% of cases. Millennials and Generation Z, on the other hand, place a greater value on professional development and advancement than previous generations.

Providing opportunity for your staff to advance and take on new responsibilities is critical to their success. Employee development also boosts retention and encourages creativity among employees.

When you invest in the success of your workers, they notice! The amount of time, resources, and effort you invest in your own personnel has a direct impact on employee motivation. Naturally, when people are motivated and their morale is raised, their productivity rises as well.

Take a look at our courses which are planned and designed for employees and companies with core focus on the latest skills required to excel in the industry.  We also customize courses based on your needs. Also check our recently launched 3D leadership game which is a fun way of developing leadership skills of your team, while they combat in a battle field.

How Gamification Is Evolving

a statue of a woman reading a scroll

Gamification is evolving, and game-based learning (GBL) has gained enormous popularity in the past decade. That popularity has grown at an accelerated rate since 2020 as many scholastic and corporate training programs have moved online. Online participants gravitate towards learning experiences that are more interesting and engaging rather than a typical virtual course.

But when did this trend begin?

Early Games

According to what we now think of as gamification began with board games that are prehistoric like Kalaha, Xiangxi and Chess. There are also African board games that were created more than 5,000 years ago.

a silver chess board showing only the corner of the board.

What is interesting about this study of the history of gamification is that learning games have always been held in higher regard than games that are purely played for entertainment, or gambling. And learning games have always been viewed as a means of balancing a curriculum that is heavy with abstract and theoretic lessons, especial if these games are motivational and concrete in nature.

Modern Games

The current era of gamification came about with the adoption of home computers and computers in schools. Who could forget Lemonade Stand as a business simulation game on Apple II, released in 1979, or Oregon Trail released in 1982?

As points out, these early computer learning games spawned more popular games like ClueFinders and Reader Rabbit and SimCity. And today major corporations are producing highly profitable education games such as Brain Age and Minecraft.’s top three games list includes ClueFinders, LittleBigPlanet, and Treasure Cove! + Treasure Mountain!. All three of these games are highly interactive, and are as much fun to play as they are educational.

So what does the future hold for learning games? Where do we go from Brain Age and Minecraft? 

The Future of Gamification

To truly understand how gamification is evolving beyond the present, we need to look closely at the current trends and extrapolate the current trajectory. Doing so, we see that education games will become more engaging through the use of visceral effects such as 3D immersion, and highly customized dialogues.  They will stimulate and engage the player on a very personal level. Organizations that want to educate their members will do so very effectively.  Whether these organizations are businesses or schools, they can deliver highly targeted language through the game dialogue. The lesson they teach will be reinforced each time the player plays the game. These lessons will also be remembered long after the game has been played.

Have we reached the pedagogical zenith that Piaget and Comenius envisioned with the right blend of intrinsic motivation (3D game thrill) and external motivation (organizational expectations)? 

Have a conversation with P2L and find out!

a woman wearing 3D goggles

Games for Office Engagement and Motivation – P2L Recommends

Games for Office Engagement and Motivation – P2L Recommends


P2L is one of the only businesses in the eLearning industry that combines games and modern teaching methodologies, and is actively developing gamification practices to work more enjoyable and engaging.

Numerous articles underline the importance of gamification theory. It is crucial to study and experience how such an everyday and enjoyable practice helps workers get engaged. It also contributes to building better leaders for the workplace of tomorrow.

Nonetheless, there are many cases where people have a general idea about the cruciality of the gamification eLearning process. And yet, they aren’t really aware of the specifics.

Therefore, P2L is here today to let you know some game theories and theme-based recommendations from our business, which will help you apply the same rules in your company and witness better results that you have ever seen. 

Wisdom Games

Please, pay close attention to this aspect of gamification theory.

Wisdom games aren’t about showcasing that some employers are more intelligent than others (because that’s not the point).

It’s more about showing people that they are constantly learning even through a fun gaming process on a Thursday or a Friday afternoon. They will always hear something new that they’ll have to keep in mind.

Examples of such games would be Checkers (we would advise the Chinese game), Heads-Up, Risk, etc.

Action Games

Let’s be honest at this particular point of the article. Your company’s people don’t want to feel like it’s another day at the office, especially when it’s time for the games to take place.

After being an intern and a worker myself for a long, long time, I’d suggest that the managers and the organizers would have to make the gamification day similar to a boarding night with some friends.

Long story short. Twister.

It might sound funny for people at an office to start stretching their legs and bringing their hands over another co-worker. At the same time, they have another person’s foot below their belly.

And yet, they will test natural endurance and their shape-making abilities. They will get a decisive break from the usual ‘9-to-5 in-front of a computer’ type of shift, and a lot of fun and laughs are guaranteed.

And yes, it’s groundbreaking; it’s innovative, it sounds crazy. But only the businesses that have this type of craziness are actually the ones that are different from the masses. 

Strategic Games 


The Healthline website states that “Skilled chess players learn to anticipate an opponent’s next moves. To predict what another person will do next, a player must develop the ability to adopt another person’s perspective and infer what action they are likely to take. Behavioral scientists call this ability to see from another viewpoint the “theory of mind.”

It’s an ability that is essential to exercising empathy and building healthy social relationships. A 2019 study found that chess develops this perspective-taking ability in children who practice the game.”

Don’t you want your workers to compete with each other, have fun and at the same time sharpen their mental capacities?

If not, that’s great. But if you are someone who likes seeing people learning and having fun simultaneously, chess is a perfect strategy. Making a league for the workers who would like to participate would also be beneficial for developing mentalities of putting effort even in such little things.


You can call me biased all you want. I really don’t care. The fact that I have been playing this game since I was 6 doesn’t change my opinion.

I would have the same point of view even if I started playing this game yesterday.

From a business perspective, this is the best game that has ever been created in the history of the world. Amen!

You are more than invited to disagree, but the reality is that there’s only one game that teaches you the actual reality of business. How to handle money, make important financial or social decisions, communicate and make deals with counterparts.

Does this remind you of something? Because for me, this is the perfect depiction of the business world, which is the world that everyone lives in today; regardless of whether you chose it, or not.

Concluding remarks

There are two types of people in the business world.

The first one is the guy that is hungry for more. More work done, more money, and more clients. This is the same manager who thinks that gamification theory is just a crock that is being sold in the virtual world by certain companies who are out to make some money. He will believe that gamification will hinder growth. If the employees aren’t working 168 hours a week, this is a significant loss.

The second one is the guy that is hungry, but is patient at the same time. He wants more. More work done, more money, and more clients, but in the meantime, he is fully aware of the factoring in productivity. This is a factor that is strongly connected to the well-being of the company. 

People want to work and have fun simultaneously, and squeezing a period for games in the schedule isn’t such a big deal. Still, it’s also crucial for increasing productivity in the overall business.