Salesperson & Product: Which is more important?

A product wouldn’t exist without a salesperson, and the salesperson wouldn’t exist without the product. These two factors of a deal thrive and grow off one another. So, we beg the question; salesperson and product, which is more important?

salesperson & product: which is more important

On one hand, the product itself must be of some value to sell. On the other, a strong salesperson can sell practically anything. 


With this in mind, we come to two conclusions.


  1. A product cannot sell itself, and therefore can’t be utilized fully without the salesperson.
  2. While a product must serve a specific purpose to be valuable, a salesperson can sell a value-less product. 


In turn, a salesperson is much more important than a product. In a sense, they serve as more of a product than the actual product does. 


There are stark differences between a good salesman and a great one though. 


A good salesperson works alongside the product. They complete necessary tasks for distribution and utilize strong communication skills. 


A great salesperson also does those things. In addition, they’ll showcase great adaptability, teamwork, research skills, and much more. 


How would you judge good salespeople from great ones?


P2L offers a sales assessment for your business used to gauge sales candidates’ professional demeanour and overall understanding. 


A sales assessment provides you with answers to critical questions and helps define the necessary steps to improve your team. You can use the assessment to motivate employees and help them improve their performance. 

So, while a product is important, the person selling it is even more so. Contact us here for a free assessment.