Developing Applications Using ForgeRock® SDKs

Duration: 3 days

Industry: Information Technology

About this course

Developing Applications Using ForgeRock SDKs Online Training Course

This course is for students who want to learn how to use the ForgeRock SDKs to speed up the integration of JavaScript, Android, and iOS applications, within an access management solution. The course presents key use cases and features of the ForgeRock SDKs.

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Who can benefit?

  • System Integrators
  • System Consultants
  • System Architects
  • System Administrators
  • Web Developers

Course Objectives

  • Introduce the ForgeRock SDKs, describe how they fit into the ForgeRock® Identity Platform (Identity Platform), and how they interact with ForgeRock® Access Management (AM)
  • Integrate the ForgeRock SDKs into JavaScript, Android, and iOS applications using embedded login or centralized web login
  • Increase security with a zero trust approach when integrating applications with the ForgeRock SDKs, using device profile context, transactional authorization, and WebAuthn
  • Extend the ForgeRock SDKs’ intelligent access by integrating your own UI with the SDK, customizing device profiles and requests to AM, and describing the ForgeRock authenticator module, user self-service, and single sign-on capabilities

Chapter 1: Introducing the ForgeRock SDKs

  • Lesson 1: Exploring the ForgeRock SDKs
  • Lesson 2: Examining the Interaction Between the ForgeRock SDKs and AM

Chapter 2: Integrating Applications with the ForgeRock SDKs

  • Lesson 1: Integrating a JavaScript Application
  • Lesson 2: Integrating a Mobile Application
  • Lesson 3: Requesting OAuth2-Based Tokens and Retrieving User Info
  • Lesson 4: Implementing Centralized Web Login

Chapter 3: Increasing Security with a Zero Trust Approach with the ForgeRock SDKs

  • Lesson 1: Increasing Application Security with the ForgeRock SDKs
  • Lesson 2: Collecting and Displaying Device Profile Data with the ForgeRock SDKs
  • Lesson 3: Requesting and Saving Device Data with AM
  • Lesson 4: Analyzing Device Profile Data with AM
  • Lesson 5: Presenting Transactional Authorization with the ForgeRock SDKs
  • Lesson 6: Presenting WebAuthn with the JavaScript SDK

Chapter 4: Extending Intelligent Access with the ForgeRock SDKs

  • Lesson 1: Orchestrating the Authentication Flow When Using Your Own UI
  • Lesson 2: Customizing Device Profiles
  • Lesson 3: Intercepting and Modifying REST Calls to AM
  • Lesson 4: Presenting Advanced ForgeRock SDKs’ Features
  • Basic knowledge and skills using the Linux and Windows operating systems to complete labs
  • Basic knowledge of HTTP and communications between clients and servers is critical to understanding the interaction between the ForgeRock SDKs and AM
  • Basic knowledge of JSON, JavaScript, REST, and Java
  • Good knowledge of either JavaScript, Android, or iOS application development
  • Attendance to AM400 ForgeRock Access Management Core Concepts course or equivalent knowledge

Dec 19-21, 2022