Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training

Inspect the central rules and regulations that are essential to maintaining a safe and functioning workplace. While drugs and alcohol affect everybody in different ways, being under the influence in the workplace is extremely dangerous, so it is important that all members of an organization understand workplace policies regarding alcohol, pharmaceuticals and herbal preparations, as well as illicit drugs, and more. Drug and alcohol awareness is a key factor to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of individuals and those around them in working,

Topics Covered :

• Alcohol
• Pharmaceuticalsand Herbal Preparations
• Illicit Drugs
• Workplace Policy• Alcohol
• Pharmaceuticalsand Herbal Preparations
• Illicit Drugs
• Workplace Policy

For more information about this course, please refer to this article, and contact P2L if you have questions.

Learning Objective

• Effectively Adhere to All Drug and Alcohol Policies
• Promote Positive Change in the Workplace
• Understand and Create Drug and Alcohol Awareness Within Organization
• Mitigate Workplace Policy Infractions
• Implement and Encourage Healthy and Safe Work Attitudes

Organizational Objective

• Reduces Occurrence of Drug and Alcohol Related Incidents
• Develops a Safer and More Considerate Working Environment
• Reduces Staff Turnover
• Increases Productivity and Worker Morale
• Helps Mitigate the Risk of Litigation
• Photo Verification Provides Proof of Training
• Self-pacing Provides Proof that Learners Understood Training
• Satisfaction that Programs are Developed in line with Regional Standards