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Leading In A Virtual Environment

Duration: 1 day

Industry: Leadership Development

Language : English

About this course

Covid-19 has confined all of us within four walls. Working remotely has become a new norm. Most companies are smoothly transitioning and embracing this change while some are grappling with the situation. Over the last 15 months, we have seen a dramatic change in the way we work, communicate, live and lead. Working remotely has made us too comfortable at our own homes but has posed numerous challenges for team leads to connect with their members virtually.

Managers are struggling to monitor their employees and their performance. They are trying to find new ways to boost their team’s morale and productivity. Organizations are finding it hard to maintain relationships with both their employees and customers. What adds to their plight is the constant disruptions in technology. Half of their problem lies in dealing with virtually illiterate employees and the other half is worrying about cybersecurity or privacy breach.

Leading a team virtually has its challenges. So, naturally, leaders have to up their game. E-leadership is a true test of a person’s leadership skills. The basics of being a strong leader remain the same, but a leader must come up with unique techniques to manage his/her team well when working remotely. A good leader must be more proactive, deliberate, and determined to make sure he/she can foster teamwork remotely.

BlessingWhite has created Leading in a Virtual Environment (LIVE), a one-day course for those leading others across distance. This workshop presents leadership fundamentals and then applies them to actual virtual leadership situations. It offers tools and strategies to make leaders more effective virtually. Participants learn and use skills and tools through a mix of instruction, lecture, simulation and practice. Their learning is enhanced by direct input from their virtual associates and direct feedback from workshop peers.

For more information about this course, please check this blog from P2L.

What Will You Accomplish?

In this course you will learn : 

  • Increase the environment of trust and productivity with virtual team members
  • Use four Critical Communication Skills essential to virtual leadership
  • Apply feedback from virtual associates and be equipped to lead productive Virtual Partnership Discussions
  • Develop best practices for virtual team meetings and conference calls
  • Lead virtually with more effectiveness as Coach, Connector, and Campaigner
  • Develop strategies and carry out action plans for enhancing their own virtual leadership style and practices
  • Leading in a Virtual Environment

Who is this course for?

The pandemic has changed the way we function now and by the looks of it, we won’t be going back to working the way we did earlier. So, be an early adopter and equip yourself with the skills to lead your team virtually. Enroll in the Leading in a Virtual Environment (LIVE) course and become an effective virtual leader who finds ways to stay connected with the team and cultivate a sense of belonging and trust among the members.