Learn About Authentic Leadership With Leading Out Loud

Duration: 1.5 day

Industry: Leadership Development

Location : In-Person

Language : English

About this course

Over the years, organizations have noticed that employees are seeking different means of job satisfaction than just good pay and a healthy working environment. They’re looking for inspirational leaders who can motivate them to perform better in order to reach their utmost potential. Employees are searching for discerning leaders who have impeccable communication skills to bridge the gap between getting people to simply work on projects and empowering people to work on themselves. People commit to leaders they trust and to projects that reflect their values.

Leading out loud is a style of leadership where leaders drive business results through authentic communication. They earn their employees’ trust, motivate them in a way that fuels maximum contribution and commitment to action. Leaders who lead out loud use their communication skills to influence and persuade team members to achieve commitment and work toward a common goal. Their strongest suit is the way they make use of personal experiences and tales about their journey to connect with their teammates. Leaders communicate in their authentic voice to get their team’s commitment and help them feel personally connected to them. This is how they build a relationship and connection with their employees.

What is the Leading Out Loud course all about?

The Leading Out Loud course is based on the book by veteran communication consultant Terry Pearce. It is designed as a reflective and practical leadership communication experience where real work gets done. Leading Out Loud provides not only the “what to do” but the “how to” of leadership that inspires change.

To move your organization forward, your top leaders and executives need to gain true commitment versus mere compliance. Leading Out Loud will help them focus energy and sustain morale through volatile business cycles and achieve lasting results. The course will inspire leaders to look inward and connect their business messages with their experiences and what they deeply believe in and care about.

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What Will You Accomplish?

In this course you will learn : 

  • Inspire others to greater engagement, ownership and action to create positive change
  • Create a culture of authenticity, openness, and candor
  • Connect their personal convictions to organizational strategy
  • Effectively lead change with or without positional authority
  • Apply a framework for communicating inspirationally in all situations, venues and media
  • Answer the questions:  Who are you and what are you here to do?

Who is this course for?

Leaders of today are having it tough. Personal and hierarchical distance between leaders and their teams has resulted in a cultural craving for authentic and personalized human connection, especially in the workplace. To understand the value of authentic leadership and why it is the need of the hour, enroll in this course.

Course Outcomes :

  • A consistent leadership communication point of view across the organization
  • A conceptual model for authentic communication and the tools to apply it
  • Significant progress on a current business challenge due to reflection, writing, and focused coaching on the clarity and meaning of the leadership’s communication on the issue
  • A new standard for candid conversation and constructive feedback