Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness Training

Observe some important methods for creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace  for all members of the organization. The health and wellbeing of workers is inextricably linked to their mental health and wellbeing, therefore it is critical that everyone understands the fundamentals of Mental Fitness, Mental Distress and Mental Injury, Environment and Stigma, as well as Providing Support and much more. Preserving yours and your colleagues’ mental health and wellbeing in the workplace is vital for personal performance and the successful operation of the organization as a whole.

Topics Covered

• Environment and Stigma
• Mental Fitness
• Mental Fitness – The Ten Lifestyle Habits
• Helping Yourself
• Helping Performance
• Psychologically Healthy Workplaces
• Mental Distress and Mental Injury
• Communication Strategies
• Providing Support


New Employees and Members of the Organization
• Workers and Leaders at all Organizational Levels
• Experienced Professionals Looking to Advance or Update Skills

For more information about mental wellness training, please contact P2L and read this guideline set by Ontario government,

Organizational Objective

• Build and Maintain A Psychologically Healthy Workplace
• Promote a Duty of Care for All Members of the Organization
• Create a High Standard of Understanding and Support
• Develop a Compassionate, Thoughtful and Respectful Work Culture
• Reduce Harm of Mental Health Stigma, Injury, Illness, and Distress in Workplace
• Helps Mitigate the Risk of Litigation
• Photo Verification Provides Proof of Training
• Self-pacing Provides Proof that Learners Understood Training
• Satisfaction that Program is developed in line with CCOHS Standards

Learning Objective

Establish a Good Mental Health Environment
• Encourage Mental Health Awareness in the
• Understand Mental Fitness and Positive Lifestyle
• Affect Positive Change in the Work Culture
• Effectively Determine Mental Distress and Mental
• Promote a Psychologically Healthy Workplace
• Reduce Mental Health Stigma
• Efficiently Provide Support and Offer
Communication Strategies
• Successfully Learn how to Help Yourself and