play to learn

Gamification. AR and VR. Custom LMS. Play to Learn can help.

P2L provides Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Learning Management Solutions (LMS) as a custom offering. Contact us for pricing.


Augmented reality offers a rich interactive user experience where the real world meets a virtual 3D space. AR lets users interact with superimposed visuals and audio on top of the real-world elements in real-time.

Augmented reality is slowly catapulting from being an unheard-of concept to a facet of mainstream technology. In no time, AR will become a significant method of employee training in the corporate world acting as an alternative to the traditional training methods.

With our Play to Learn AR program, your employees can:

  • Learn about the elements of a product by physically lifting them up or rotating them to get a 360-degree view
  • Get assistance and real-time guidance while troubleshooting errors

Virtual reality is an immersive experience where the user dives into a virtual environment that is a complete simulation of the real world. With most corporates jumping on the VR bandwagon, it will soon become an important strategy adopted by companies for employee learning and development.

Our Play to Learn VR package will enable your employees to:

  • Enhance their softs skills such as public speaking, negotiation skills by interacting with speech assistants
  • Learn customer service techniques through training simulation that has potential scenarios
  • Experience a better HR onboarding process that could include an introduction to the company, information about the C-suite executives, and more

eLearning at its best takes the power of in-class instructions and renders it online as a virtual offering that captivates and motivates your learners. From Play to Learn you can expect:

  • Hosted turn-key Learning Management Solutions for your Organizations
  • Custom eLearning modules built to your specifications
  • 3D Games to immerse and educate your employees