Value Selling Course

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What will you accomplish?

In this course you will learn:

  • Understand the principles of Value Selling
  • How Value Selling promotes price consistency
  • Ways to convert customer objections into profitable sales
  • Diagnose root cause of any customer-client issue within the sales department
  • Build on employee skills to persuade clients effectively while catering to their needs.

 According to HubSpot, there are 7 principles involved with value-based selling.

Reasons why you should take this course.

Price consistency is assured
Value selling is crucial in preventing price reductions. That’s why customers need to understand the product’s features.

It leaves fewer negotiation opportunities to ask for lower prices when focusing on the benefits. In this case, they recognize that the amount they can pay is fair in light of the number of problems they will be solving.

Meanwhile, the seller has more arguments to support the prices they have set.

Converts Objections into Sales

At the beginning of the sales process, sellers face objections that often prove insurmountable. If the sales team exclusively focuses on the solution’s benefits, it is possible to maximize the chances of benefit acceptance.

Providing a solution for the client’s problems can change their perception of the service’s value. As such, the remaining process takes place much more rapidly.

Increase sales

When working with value selling, sales teams with more qualifications can persuade prospects more convincingly. Before any contact with the client, the sales process should be initiated.

To devise the perfect offer, sellers must examine the companies’ needs.

After this has been achieved, the next step likely involves connecting a solution with what a client desires. Only then will there be a feeling that a perfect offer is being provided.

Who is this course for?

This course is to give Salespeople the flexibility to manage their prospect's conversation effectively.

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