Oracle courses offered by P2L :

Oracle Introduction to PeopleSoft for HCM Rel 9.2 - The Introduction to PeopleSoft for HCM Rel 9.2 is focused on giving students a better understanding of PeopleSoft and its functions. More importantly, the course aims to help students get a good grasp of how the program’s concepts and technologies are implemented in Human Capital Management (HCM).

Oracle PeopleSoft Absence Management - PeopleSoft Absence Management Rel 9.2 is a course that teaches students about the functions of the PeopleSoft Absence Management software. It focuses on giving students a great understanding of absence rules, recording and processing absences. 

Oracle PeopleSoft PeopleTools I - PeopleSoft PeopleTools I is a course that acquaints students with the PeopleSoft application development methodology. The course gives professionals a general overview of PeopleSoft system architecture, as well as the toolset used to develop new applications or customize existing PeopleSoft applications.

Oracle PeopleSoft Time and Labor - North America Rel 9.2 - The course mainly focuses on training students on how to implement the PeopleSoft Time and Labor product. The course aims to help students get a great understanding of how to enroll time reporters into Time and Labor, assign them to work schedules, and report and process reported time.

For more information about these courses, please check P2L and Oracle's website.