Corporate training has progressed significantly from the days of loathed seminars and training meetings. Employees have come to demand more and organizations have realized that they must change their approach to employee engagement. You might be wondering if gamification can solve all of the issues that arise with leadership development. Yes, this is a possibility. When gaming components are utilized in e-learning, they help to integrate many modalities and give learners hands-on leadership experience. P2L welcomes you to contact us, and discuss the game you would like to build.

Connecting training with the corporate context in which a future leader will function is important for a successful leadership program. It should be aligned with the company’s strategy, values, and expectations. Gamification improves the corporate environment through storytelling by immersing learners in an unfamiliar world that is compatible with workplace principles.

In e-learning, the usage of games has a major impact on participant retention. A learner who is emotionally invested retains more information and develops more skills. More learners will engage with and remember an event if it is challenging and exciting.