Accountability Virtual Class


Length in Days: 3 hours

Program Leader Level: All

Online Option: Yes

Up to 8 Participants: $349 CAD




An accountability culture in the workplace

Accountability is about ownership and taking responsibility for your work and results. One should follow through and get it done when one makes a commitment. It’s about your commitment to the team and realizing your impact on them.

In order to promote accountability for employees, set short term and long term goals for the company and let every team member know what they are accountable for. Communicate how each individual’s contribution impact the success of the company. Give feedbacks and updates with their tasks. Leaders who focus on the team’s progress and give feedbacks help members convey what stops them from fulfilling goals while growing in the role.

How does an organization function without it?

Failure to hold people accountable leads to a breakdown in the team. One shortfall can grow to be a catastrophe for the entire organization. Failure to hold people accountable for their actions results in the team being delayed.

Having a staff member who doesn’t meet their commitments and isn’t held accountable leads to a feeling of disillusionment and an overall lack of engagement and motivation for the other team members.

For more information about this course, please check this blog from P2L, as well as this page.


In this course you’ll learn :

  • Define accountability, responsibility, and empowerment
  • Rate yourself and your team on the PowerMeter
  • Discuss the Account-Able Choice
  • Identify obstacles to being accountable
  • Speak the language of empowerment and accountability
  • Apply a five-step model to create accountability in others

Take this course if you feel your team’s accountability needs some improvement. It will allow your company to make some positive changes to the workplace culture and it will increase productivity as well.

In the Forbes article, “Accountability and the roles we all play” the author makes a distinction between accountability and responsibility. “In leadership, accountability is often used interchangeably with responsibility, but they are not quite the same. You can give someone responsibility, but they have to choose to be accountable — you can’t compel someone to do it. Accountability is about going the extra mile, but it’s up to the assignee to step up and to follow through”

Click this link to read the full article from Forbes.



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