Distinctive Leadership 2 Day Course


Length in Days: 2

Program Leader Level: High Potential Leader, Senior Leader

Online Option: No
Minimum Class Size: 8
Maximum Class Size: 20
Facilitators: 1 or 2
Assessments: Yes

Up to 8 Participants: $15,892


DESCRIPTION: Distinctive Leadership is a senior-level experience designed to unleash the strategic advantage of leadership. This highly experiential journey includes assessments, executive coaching, a powerful in-person experience, and ongoing peer cohort coaching to create a sustainable shift in your leaders. This progressive approach supports both personal leadership, team development and organizational improvement. Through this experience individuals learn to create, understand, and take accountability for their development as high performance leaders, collaborators, and strategic thinkers.

Based on the book Distinctions: 52 Lessons in Leadership by executive coach, strategist, and consultant, Mark Smith, this powerful experience causes dramatic shifts in how executives view themselves and their role as leaders.

What is the course journey like?

The Distinctive Leadership journey explores leadership across four levels – self, individuals, teams, and enterprise. This perspective gives leaders a line of SITE into what it takes to be a high-performing leader. Leader of:

  • Self–begins the journey by shifting mindsets, removing self-limiting beliefs, and helping leaders understand their personal brand.
  • Individuals–is about inclusion, the importance of trust in relationships, and the role of emotional intelligence.
  • Teams–emphasizes the critical skills needed to create an environment that encourages agility, high performing teams and a culture of candor, collaboration, and accountability.”
  • Enterprise–introduces key competencies that will enable individuals to ‘lead big’! Leading big is about: demonstrating courage, being a multiplier, developing cultural advantage, thinking differently, communicating with clarity and purpose, being agile and resilient, and focusing on what really matters.


• Creation of competitive advantage through leadership

• Innovation and continuous improvement, balanced with risk

• Reinforcement of a high-performance culture

• Strengthened trust to drive personal, team, and organizational performance

• Stimulation of a candid and open environment for collaboration

• Alignment of teams around a common vision

• Empowerment of leaders at all levels, along with a sense of ownership and accountability

• Enhancement of professional presence, impact, and influence

For more information, please check this blog from P2L, as well as this page.


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