Growth Mindset Virtual Course


Duration : 2 hours

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Per Participant Pricing: $349 CAD


Growth Mindset Virtual Course

What is the difference between Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset?

According to Harvard Business Review, a growth mindset is a belief that people, including oneself, can change their talents, abilities, and intelligence. Conversely, those with a fixed mindset do not believe that people can change their talents abilities and intelligence.

Decades of research have found that those with a growth mindset are more mentally primed to approach and take on challenges, take advantage of feedback, adopt the most effective problem-solving strategies, provide developmental feedback to subordinates, and be effortful and persistent in seeking to accomplish goals.

Mindsets are leaders’ mental lenses that dictate what information they take in and use to make sense of and navigate the situations they encounter. Simply, mindsets drive what leaders do and why. When leadership development efforts ignore mindsets, they ignore how leaders see and interpret problems and opportunities.

Leaders will engage in a variety of discussion, group work, and individual reflection in which they will interact with the concept of Growth Mindset through the lens of real-world scenarios specific to your organization. They will build awareness and gain practical insights into where they stand with respect to growth mindset, and how they can shift their thinking to take on a new perspective.

For more information about this course, please check the P2L website.

What Will You Accomplish?

As a result of this workshop, participants will be able to:

• Understand growth mindset, fixed mindset, and the behaviors that define each

• Implement skilled application of a growth (versus fixed) mindset in real-world organizational change

• Create an action plan to create behavioral habits around growth mindset



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