Helping Others Succeed 2 Day Course


Length in Days: 2 Days

Program Leader Level: All

Online Option: No
Minimum Class Size: 8
Maximum Class Size: 20
Facilitators: 1
Assessments/Prework: Yes

Up to 8 Participants: $16,659


DESCRIPTION: Managers who think their job is to have all the answers end up with a long line of people waiting for solutions, leaving little time for the work to get done. Even worse, they may lose talented team members who feel micromanaged or chained to a sole point of view. Successful managers build a workforce of people who have the confidence and support to think on their own — not only to come up with ideas and solutions, but to execute them.
The most successful managers have one thing in common: they are all great coaches. They have discovered that coaching people — helping others to succeed — is ultimately a more effective way for them to achieve their own success. They find it is a more rewarding way to manage others. They spend less time putting out fires and addressing performance problems. Ultimately, they worry less about dreaded turnover, since everyone loves to work for a great coach.

Leadership is often said to be a gift, rather than a skill. Especially the way you help others succeed. Leadership skills would then have to be a part of your DNA rather than something you can learn. Some people are innately talented leaders, but I don’t believe excellent leadership is unteachable.

The development of leadership skills is vital for business owners. A small or large business requires a strong sense of assertiveness, and it’s a leadership quality.

Whatever your role in the business is, you should take the time to assess your leadership abilities. By remembering these qualities, you can enhance your business and your life, as well as the lives of others.

Qualities of a successful business leader :

An Integral Approach 

An organization that lacks integrity will almost certainly fail. Even though dishonesty sometimes assists you in getting by in the business world, the odds are always against you. A leader does the right thing, even if it doesn’t lead to the best result for themselves or their organization. Conducting your business with integrity will entice your potential clients to come back to you again and again, and you will entice them to recommend you to others.

Even though you may not immediately recognize humility as a powerful leadership trait, it certainly is. The focus of your attention in life should not be on taking credit for your accomplishments and claiming all the glory.

The capability to be a good leader should be possessed by all who are in businesses. A business that lacks dedication is doomed to failure. It is no secret that entrepreneurs usually work multiple hours per week without being paid to launch their businesses? In order to succeed in a business, it is important to have such a commitment.

For more information about this course, please check this blog from P2L.


  • Managers will be able to create an environment where ideas, feedback and concerns are freely discussed
  • Increase their personal satisfaction and success
  • Deliver on the needs of their organization and keep individual team members energized
  • Make the most of their team members’ unique talents
  • Retain top talent
  • Their employees will:
         ▸Be more productive and produce higher-quality work
         ▸Attain greater satisfaction
         ▸Develop and grow professionally
         ▸Be able to achieve personal goals while delivering on the organization’s
         ▸Experience an increased sense of ownership to
  • Multiply their reasons to stay – and stay engaged


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