IBM Cognos Analytics(v11.0)


Duration: 1 day

Program Level: Introductory

Online Option: Only – Open Enrolment.


  • An understanding of your organization’s business intelligence process and reporting needs
  • Experience using basic Windows functionality

Course Dates:

Nov 21, 2022

Per Participant Pricing: $1,008 CAD


Author Active Reports by IBM Cognos

IBM Cognos Analytics (v11.0)

What is IBM Cognos Analytics?
Cognos Analytics is a powerful analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence that enables businesses to understand their data and to apply it across the entire value chain. Users can visualize their data, analyze it, and share actionable insights with others within their organization. Furthermore, it supports a variety of deployment options and supports IBM Cloud for important data as well as public, private, and on-premise for important data.

Who Can Benefit

  • Consumers
  • Business authors
  • Professional authors
  • Developers
  • Administrators
  • Modelers
  • Project managers


  • An understanding of your organization’s business intelligence process and reporting needs
  • Experience using basic Windows functionality

Why choose IBM Cognos Analytics?

Easily connect and combine your data

Safely display various types of data
This system supports the input of any data source or upload of spreadsheets. The strong governance rules in Cognos Analytics prevent access to data or assets they shouldn’t see, regardless of how many users there are. Hence, due to the direct connection to your data, there are fewer chances of data leakage or poor data making its way into your results.

Important interconnected insights found rapidly
Cognos Analytics provides access to multiple sources into a single trusted data module. More data sources to be connected will give you furthermore power. With AI-assisted data preparation, you can join and blend your data in minutes. But when you’re ready to explore and visualize, AI helps you build targeted dashboards.

Understand your business performance, visually

Visualize your data meaningfully
Understand your information with powerful, interactive visualizations.

Use clear language to communicate
It helps you understand your data using plain language. You can ask it questions and receive recommended insights and more in a manner you understand.

Easy to use built
Based on the data you selected the system will automatically suggest the best visualization. Therefore, you may also pick your own from the library of options.

The dashboard that comes to life

Adapts to your needs
As you dig deeper, the Dashboard updates to reflect the slice of data you’re investigating.

Teamwork is made simple with Cognos Analytics

Sharing dashboards and reports with employees through email and Slack made collaboration so easy. Break down silos and share dashboards and reports with each other in the company. Deliver reports in various formats. Keep audiences informed regarding delivery schedules.

Discover hidden patterns in your data

Important Insights
AI-generated insights are presented in plain language in every visualization in Explore. Cognos Analytics combines the tools you need, from operational reporting to smart data discovery, and enables you to share them wherever you want.

For more information, please check this page on IBM’s website, as well as this blog on P2L about IBM Cognos Analytics.


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