Inclusive Leadership Half Day Course


Length in Days: 0.5

Program Leader Level: Front Line Leader, Mid-Level Leader

Online Option: No
Minimum Class Size: 8
Maximum Class Size: 20
Facilitators: 1
Assessments/Prework: Not Applicable

Up to 8 Participants: $8,110


This is not diversity training. Trainings that focus only on diversity are ineffective and not truly reflective of the needs of our workforce. Inclusive Leadership helps individuals build self-awareness by uncovering blind spots, introducing a language to discuss inclusion, and providing practical tools that they can immediately apply to contribute toward an inclusive culture. Through this experience leaders and individuals move beyond surface-level conversations to authentic self-reflection in order to develop their skills in creating inclusive environments. This experience creates a launching point for new habits so that leaders can have an impact at work and beyond.

What is inclusive leadership?

Workable defines inclusive leadership as the capacity to manage and lead a heterogeneous group of people efficiently while respecting their uniqueness in an empathetic, bias-free way. It’s an authentic leadership style that rules out discrimination, bias, and favor based on color, race, and other protected characteristics and allows employees to feel valued for their own input.

Why is inclusive leadership important?

We live in a world that is rapidly changing and constantly evolving. Most organizations have employees from different parts of the globe. This poses an opportunity for progressive leadership where there’s room for diversity. This is where inclusive leadership comes in. Inclusive leadership is essential for making sure diverse thinking is respected, managed, heard, and applied. This can make way for diverse perspectives, opinions, and insights to co-exist. Inclusive leadership can give organizations a completive edge to promote inclusivity and diversify the market as a whole. And in today’s day and age, an organization that is respectful of all and inclusive in its working processes become the most sought-after place to work for. This invites the creamy layer of talent and clients alike.

For more information, please check this blog from P2L.

Key Content Areas:

  • Definitions for diversity and inclusion
  • The business rationale for inclusion
  • Your role as an inclusive leader
  • The basics of unconscious bias and its impact
  • Microaggressions and non-inclusive behaviors
  • The power of inclusive communication and how to create an environment of curiosity
  • The role of inclusion in team culture

Outcomes for Participants:

  • Knowing the role of inclusivity in advancing organizations
  • Increasing awareness of unconscious bias and using an empathetic approach to dealing with it in ourselves and others
  • Developing the ability to address microaggressions
  • Using practical tools to increase inclusive communication
  • Managing bias effectively and positively affecting the larger company culture


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