Inclusion and Belonging Virtual Course


Duration : 3 hour (with pre-work)

Price per participant : $349 CAD



Inclusion & Belonging helps participants understand the value of an inclusive environment and cultivate it wherever they sit within the organization. Participants begin by level-setting on language. They spend time understanding the terms and identifying the value of inclusion for themselves, their team, and the organization. Our approach affirms each person’s starting point, so whether they are experienced in inclusion work or new to the conversation, they will identify a path for growth. We achieve that growth or behavior change through highly interactive activities, participant-led conversations that address challenges, and strategies for immediate and future strategy application.

Here’s how employers can cultivate a sense of inclusivity and belonging in the workplace according to this Forbes article.

Employers should include anti-bias training for all of their employees. The first step to inclusion and belonging is to make sure everyone understands how to approach one another without their preconceived biases getting in the way.

On top of this, employers should cultivate an environment where it’s acceptable for employees to fully embrace their individuality—including all aspects of their identities.   Proactively acknowledging holidays such as Hanukkah or Diwali, or offering language services to non-native English speakers, are ways to establish a welcoming workplace culture that embraces diversity in a meaningful way.

DEI policies should be strictly enforced, and be informed by the voices of the employees these policies intend to help, instead of just higher leadership. Just because no one has brought up a problem doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Many people are scared to report things or expect the people around them to, so problematic behavior or norms can still slip through the cracks. One way to combat this is through an anonymous tip service that allows employees to report such incidents without fear of being reprimanded. Furthermore, it’s just as important for employers to review workplace culture as it is to review performance, as it ensures that the policies in place work properly and exhibits the company’s commitment to having a safe environment.

As a result of this workshop, participants will be able to:
• Understand the value and concept of an inclusive mindset.
• Evaluate current inclusive capabilities at the individual and team levels.
• Increase inclusive habits through use of the CARE (Curious, Authentic, Responsible, and Expand understanding) model, psychological safety, and other tools.
• Define, discuss, and apply learning around belonging.
• Create an inclusion and belonging action plan.

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