Microaggressions in the Workplace


Duration: 2 hours

Program Level: All

Online Option: Only – Open Enrolment

Course Dates:

May 18th, 2021: 11am to 2pm et

August 26th, 2021: 9am to 12pm et

November 16th, 2021: 1pm to 4pm et

Per Participant Pricing: $280 CAD



Microaggressions are subtle statements or actions about people based on some parts of their identity. Those evidently harmless comments that sounds like compliments, that are in reality unintentional statements of bias or racism, sexism, or other guise of racism.

A failure to address these issues can often result in massive financial losses for companies. In some extreme cases, boycotting from consumers might force a company to spend excess money on rebranding entirely in order to avoid further PR hiccups. Whenever we hear someone making an insensitive comment, we should speak up and address why the comment is problematic. Be polite and informative when addressing the concern. The goal is to raise awareness and not cause defensive or reactive behaviors.

P2Lā€™s microaggression course will explore the dangers of microaggressions in the workplace and steps that can be taken to unlearn personal biases in an effort to build a more inclusive work environment.


  • Understanding of microaggressions
  • Knowledge of their impact on employee morale
  • Ability to spot them in the workplace
  • Methods to unlearn unconscious biases
  • An appreciation for collective differences
  • A more inclusive, approachable, and productive workplace

For more information about microaggressions in the workplace, please check this post, as well as this blog from P2L.


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