Teamwork Half Day Course


Length in Days: 0.5

Program Leader Level: All

Online Option: No
Minimum Class Size: 8
Maximum Class Size: 20
Facilitators: 1
Assessments: Not Applicable

Up to 8 Participants: $6,598



DESCRIPTION: Teamwork Half Day Course

How often have you heard people go, “Teamwork makes the dream work?” Well, it stands true when a group of individuals come together and work toward a common goal. They help each other in setting and achieving targets, support each other to combine individual strengths, and strengthen the team’s competencies.

This course is about creating a team environment amongst the people with whom you work each day. The purpose of this course is to create a team environment that will foster a positive and productive work group. Participants will learn techniques for translating team goals into individual goals, empowering all team members to participate, encouraging collaboration amongst team members, and monitoring the team’s progress using structured tools and processes.

Why do we need teamwork in the workplace?

YTI Career Institute explains why teamwork is so important in the professional world:

  • It brings new ideas: Businesses need new, fresh ideas to succeed in the competitive world. You have a unique perspective to bring to the table which will benefit the business overall. Businesses thrive when they have a diverse team of people who can contribute individual ideas.
  • Teamwork helps solve problems: Collaboration within a group can help solve difficult problems. Brainstorming is a good opportunity for the team to exchange ideas and come up with creative ways of doing things. By working together, teams can find the solutions that work best.
  • It’s supportive: Teamwork creates a system to ensure that deadlines are met and that there’s high-quality work. When one team member falls behind, there’s another to pick up the pieces. When work is divvied up among members of a team, it gets done faster, making the overall business operate more efficiently. Your team will develop a sense of comradery as you work toward a common goal.
  • Teamwork builds morale: You’ll feel that your work is valued when you contribute to something that produces results. If you offer an idea that helps improve productivity, such as a new filing system, confidence and trust are built within the team. Each team member has something special to offer. By working together, members of a team feel a strong sense of belonging and deep commitment to each other and the common goal.


  • Identify telltale signs that the teamwork within your team needs attention
  • Apply techniques to translate goals to individual team members
  • Apply techniques to empower all team members to participate
  • Apply techniques to encourage collaboration amongst all team members
  • Discuss techniques to track the team’s environment and to make adjustments
  • Recognize how teamwork is often more beneficial than individual performance

For more information, please check this blog from P2L.


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