P2L Inc. is truly dedicated to employee development. We provide services that assist in finding the right candidates with personal goals that align with your organization. We then develop these employees to give them the knowledge and the skills they need to succeed at work.

Typically, the process of begins with the company’s needs and goals. P2L then works with each individual to establish their personal goals and make sure they are aligned. Once this stage is complete, P2L will assess your team and establish any knowledge or skills gaps. We then determine the best way to upskill your team and develop a thorough plan with milestones to improve and maintain the desired skill level.

The following are the four steps required for a successful employee development program:

  1. Outline your company’s needs and goals as it applies to employee job roles.
  2. Understand employee personal goals and career ambitions.
  3. Once employees are properly aligned, assess knowledge and skill gaps.
  4. Develop a plan with milestones to improve and maintain their skill level to ensure your success.

Our employee development plans are practical, goal-oriented and strive to make your company more competitive in the global market. Our resources have been assisting Fortune 500 companies for over forty years. Contact us to find out how we can improve your company.

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